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Modern Construction Enterprises

This assignment requires the identification of possible case study ideas for modern construction projects and provides a list of construction enterprises and websites worth following for investigation.

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Added on  2023-04-03

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This document explores various aspects of modern construction enterprises, including work acquisition, project execution, financial management, human resource management, and technology management. It discusses the significance of cost estimation in project acquisition, the roles of project managers in project execution, the importance of financial management in the construction industry, the role of human resource management in promoting sustainability, and the impact of technology management on the construction industry.

Modern Construction Enterprises

This assignment requires the identification of possible case study ideas for modern construction projects and provides a list of construction enterprises and websites worth following for investigation.

   Added on 2023-04-03

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Modern Construction Enterprises
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Work Acquisition
Adedamola Oyedele, O. (2019). [online] Available at:
uction_Cost_Estimation_Methods_in_Nigeria [Accessed 15 Aug. 2019].
The article comprehensively discuss how the amount or rather the cost used in the
acquisition of projects is significant. The author explores various ways that it influences the
construction industry. Among the notable points is that it determines the success of the
construction work as it defines the job scheduling as well as the milestones. Besides, it is
essential in monitoring, evaluation and planning of the workable design. Further, the author
goes ahead to explore some of the methods which can be used in project acquisition to ensure
that the delivery of the projects is timely. However, the author notes that more work needs to
be done on the estimation objectives, irrespective of some of the existing techniques such as
computer models. This research work is essential as it offers insight into the process and how
to work acquisition with respect to various factors should be done.
KIMATHI, N. (2019). [online] Available at:
%20Period.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y [Accessed 15 Aug. 2019].
This work delves into an investigation into the estimation of construction projects.
The author notes that the success of the construction projects majorly lies on the modalities of
acquisition and the estimated cost during the project acquisition process. The author notes
that there is a direct relationship between the time and cost incurred in the construction
projects and that currently, both the mathematical and non-mathematical models do not
actually factor in these two aspects together, which should not be the case. The research
somehow is significant, but then it is superficial, as it does not elaborately give way forward
Modern Construction Enterprises_2
on how the factors of cost and time estimation can be harmonised in the work acquisition
Project Execution (such as Project Management and Field Supervision
Koutsogiannis, A. (2017). Improvement of Construction Project Management
Processes. Journal of Engineering, Project, and Production Management, 7(2), pp.54-54.
Anastasios Koutsogiannis presents an overview of project execution, in terms of
management and some of the roles for effective project execution process. He notes that the
basis of construction projects is founded on how project management is organised. By
extension, the author posits that the project management process is key to the stability of the
whole process. Some areas discussed in the articles include the roles of a project manager,
contractor, as well as the process of project management. Anastasios Koutsogiannis reminds
us that the stability of the construction projects lies on the project management personnel, and
hence this articles is essential towards addressing the question of the impacts of project
execution on the construction industry
Writer, S. (2019). 5 Strategies of a Successful Construction Project Manager. [online]
Smartsheet. Available at:
management/5-strategies-of-construction-pm [Accessed 15 Aug. 2019].
Staff Writer shares some of the strategies of a successful project manager. He notes
that there a lot of challenges which comes as a result of the construction process, and as such,
requires that the construction project manager is endowed with appropriate skills to handle
the eventualities. Some of the skills, which should be adopted by successful project
managers, includes continuous planning, creating a flow of information, using work
execution platforms to budget for projects, as well as embracing the automated reporting
systems. The articles, though superficial, gives us an insight into the vital nature of the
project management towards the construction industry.
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