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Modernisation in Governance

Understanding the concept of modernization and its impact on political governance and the governance of sport organizations.

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Added on  2022-11-25

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This article explores the impact of modernisation in governance, focusing on partnership development and stakeholder involvement. It also discusses the challenges and benefits of codification in governance and the role of independent directors in organizations.

Modernisation in Governance

Understanding the concept of modernization and its impact on political governance and the governance of sport organizations.

   Added on 2022-11-25

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Modernisation in Governance_1
Modernisation has changed the way the global business has been done for years. By
adding different elements like changes in the organizational culture, leadership
approach and welfare perspectives of the communities have brought effective changes
in the governance. Modernisation in the governance, be it the public sector or a
private sector, is more focussed on the partnership development as well as stake
holding process of the organizations. Modernisation of approach in business is
essential not only to change the internal situation of the organizations but also for
increasing the sustainability of the business in every terms. This is the reason why
both the public as well as private sectors have initiated the processes of changing their
actions and decisions to ring modernisation in their firms. There are some important
themes for implementing modernisation which include concrete principles, set of
tools and wider narratives (Houlihan and Green 2007).
In the case of decision making process in the board of organizations, the
organisation has been seen more effectively. As the board members are responsible
for maintaining perfect connection with the internal and external stakeholders for
controlling the success or failure of the organizational process, they need to be more
powerful. In case of the public funded sports organizations, the need for improving
the quality of public services is higher otherwise they will not get the support from the
stakeholders (Tacon and Walters, 2016). With higher performance standards, the
organizations can improve the service quality for which the changes of policies in the
organization is needed. In such case the board members are to be truly empowered
otherwise the decision a making process will be hampered.
This is due to the fact that is the sports organizations need full autonomy to
make decisions without being questioned by the internal stakeholders to create barrier.
Modernisation in Governance_2
On the other hand they will be able to focus more on the concrete principles through
partnership development (Houlihan and Green 2007). The more the board of
governance will be empowered, the more they will be able to use the set of tools
through auditing and inspecting. This will enable them to work more independently
and insightfully. The need for increasing responsiveness in the public servicing will
guide them to manipulate the stakeholders so that they can increase the public serving.
Hence proper balance of responsibilities and autonomization will be restored where
modernisation of the agenda will attract the investors as well as the customers to get
engaged with the brand.
However, there are several challenges that this moderation of governance
faces on the sports industries of which bureaucratic government practices are
important. It is the prioritisation of managerial knowledge and financial
mismanagement that can dominate the actual perceptions eliminating the positive
aspects of the modernisation process. In such cases the issue of corruption in the
boards can be seen that will nullify the progress initiatives of the firm for the social
wellbeing and sustainable growth.
Codification of governance is a very relevant term that has grabbed the attention of
most of the organostions both profit as well as non-profit. It is the process of bring all
the policies under one roof for attain one common goal. ‘Codification’ of governance
is an important part of the corporate governance that enable the institutions to be more
different to cater the needs of the market. In the 1990s, the codification process was
invented by the for-profit chocolate brands named Cadbury which proved that the
effect of ‘codification’ of governance is essential for all the organostions. This include
the need for guiding the board of directors of any company by laying some rules
Modernisation in Governance_3

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