Motivation and Leadership Styles in the Workplace


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In today’s context, globalization has made the work place more fierce and competitive. To run
any business successfully, the leader should have equipped with leadership skills, traits, vision
and direction. Apart from the leadership skills, direction. Apart from the leadership skills, the
workplace environment and human resource management is vital for any business. Hence, proper
knowledge of understanding the employee weakness, strength, behavior and attitude towards
work is useful for a company’s success. As per the human resource theories, it is employee who
adds value to the organization so they must be valued. Thus, it is evident that, stable motivated
and numerable size of employee can deliver in a more effective and efficient way which is vital
for the survival of the company.
There are major factors which affects the productivity of an individual:
1.Leaderhip style
Leadership style can be defined as the approach and manner of motivating employees, providing
direction and implementing plans. It includes the whole pattern of implicit and explicit actions
performed by the leader. Leadership has a strong influence on employee’s behavior against their
It is the process to influence employees to meet organizational goal and to influence them
without any violence or any difficulties.
Types of leadership styles
The Autocrat or Authoritarian
In this leadership style managers make decisions alone by themselves without any input of
others. employees or subordinates only do what they are instructed to them. In this style
managers possess total power and no one can challenge their decisions.
Democratic Leadership
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It is also known as participative leadership. In this type of leadership style, members or
employees can take participation in decision making.1 Manager or leader aims at participation
and quality and maintains good communication network with the members of organization.
Laissez-faire leadership or Delegative or Free-rein Leadership Style
In this style employees are allowed to make their decisions. In this style leaders set goals and
employees are free to make appropriate decision to accomplish those goals. This leadership is
often considered as one of the most successful and liberal style2.
Charismatic Leadership style
This leadership style relies on the social skills, personal appeal, persuasiveness and charm of the
leader. Charismatic leaders motivate their employees to do work or improve it in certain way. It
is a trait-based leadership theory that totally emphasizes on ability of leader to convince
employee to work towards particular decision. In this style employees are allowed to make their
decisions. In this style leaders set goals and employees are free to make appropriate decisions.3
Similarly, supportive leadership is also important leadership style used by many organization. In
this style leaders listen to their subordinates carefully and help them to deal with stress and
conflicts with other employees.
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The extent to which persistent effort is directed towards a goal is defined as motivation. In other
which brings success in employee’s words, its driving force that allows people to achieve their
target in their life desired job fails to perform is similar to person who is not motivated. It is the
tool which brings success in employees which in turn adds to the success of the company. It
important for the manager to understand his employee, so that he can keep them motivated in a
right way. As in office people from different cultural backgrounds work together for the common
goal of the company. Hence it is important that the motivational programs should be according to
their needs, their satisfaction level, cultural and social backgrounds, and psychological
conditions. According to one of the study the motivation tool is developed according to the age
of the employees.4 Employees who fall under the age group of 20-40 years are motivated by
monetary incentives, job security, recognition, appreciation, education, job satisfaction, working
condition. While the employee aged above 50 are motivated by appreciation, promotion, job
satisfaction, social opportunities, recognition and opportunities.
Level of motivation
There are so many research paper, which explains how people perform, why they perform and
why some people display different performance which place them in the position of leadership.
Apart from the which place them in the position of leadership. Apart from the leadership style
and motivation, there are other factors like personal behavior and its issues that should be
considered.5 Every individual is like another in terms of daily need of food, shelter and water for
their survival. Some people may have similar personality traits which causes them to be more
aggressive and dominant while other may be submissive and more passive. Lastly every
individual is different when it comes to genetic make-up, their past experiences, behavior and
their vision towards the world. These are the differences that make individual display different
performance and behavior at workplace.
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