Unlocking the Value of a Multinational Organisation


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MSc – Corporate FinanceCoursework AssignmentAs a business analyst, you are required to prepare a report providing the valuation andanalysis of your allocated UK-based FTSE 350 company (TULLOW OIL PLC) usingshareholder value analysis (SVA) method and to identify one actual corporate financial eventthat is happening or has happened and discuss in context with appropriate finance theory.(Maximum 4,000 words). The report should address the following: (a)As a business analyst, provide valuation and analysis of your assigned companyusing the shareholder value analysis (SVA) methodFirst of all, this part of the report requires you to critically evaluate theappropriateness of SVA model to value a company. Further, you need to perform thevaluation of your assigned company in numerical terms using SVA model and presentthe findings in a professional manner. As a business analyst, you are required toexplain and justify the variables used in the valuation model. You also need to providea sensitivity analysis to identify the critical variables influencing the valuation of thecompany. You should also compare the actual value of the company with the valueestimated by SVA model and explain of any difference or similarity. (Maximum2,500 words)(b)Identify and evaluate one actual corporate financial event that is happeningor has happened in your assigned company, with reference to the appropriatefinance theories.This part of the report requires you to identify one actual corporate financial event thatis happening or has happened in your assigned company, in the last 5 years anddiscuss its impacts on company’s financial strategy, value, and its strategic position.For example, an issue in raising new finance may have implications to agency theory,the expected yield curve of interest rates, future projects pipeline, sources of finance,international capital investment, management influence and corporate reputation, riskand its management, etc. Another issue could be the impact of mergers andacquisitions on company’s strategic position. As a business analyst, you need todetermine the context for your analysis of the event, this may be done by readingaround the relevant theory and linking these to the event concerned. (Maximum 1,500words)
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GUIDANCE NOTES ON THE REPORTThis assignment requires you to evaluate and analyse company’s value/issue.In the introduction you should clearly state the aim of the report and briefly describethe structure of the report.Please note, appendices and references do not form part of the word count. It is alsoimportant to remember that appendices should be used to support the main body of yourtext and therefore should be labelled clearly and probably with page numbers so that therelevant information can be found easily. All references in the main text and at the endshould be properly presented in the Harvard referencing style.The report should be properly presented in terms of spelling, grammar and use ofEnglish. Your report should be in 12-point, one and a half spaced and single sided. Itshould be sequentially page numbered, with a contents page and all diagrams, tables,charts, etc. should be clearly labelled. The front page of the report should contain theappropriate title and your student number.Your report should be submitted in electronic form only. It is not necessary to submita hard cop of your report. The electronic copy of your report (as one file, using yourstudent number as the file name) should be submitted to the NOW Dropbox (details to beprovided). We reserve the right to submit any report to the plagiarism software ‘Turnitin’and if required, take further action based on the findings of ‘Turnitin’. It is vitallyimportant that you retain a copy of your work in case of loss.The hand in date is 12 noon, Sunday, 29th 24th January 2017
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