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Corporate Financial InterpretationAssignment - Corporate Analysis1: Marks AvailableThis assignment accounts for 50% of the available marks on this module2: OutputThis continuous assessment has the following output:1: a critical analysis of your chosen companies from the perspective of a potential investor (min 2,500 words - max 3,200 words).2: an application of a finance/economic theory to one or both of the companies OR use a finance/economic theory to explain an event/transaction that took place in one of the companies (min 250 words - max 500 words)There is no penalty for submitting a report that is below the word count (except that you may not have enough depth to your report and hence will not achieve a high grade). Where a candidate submits a report that exceeds the word count then the lecturer has the option to reduce the final grade by 1% for every 50 words over the limits (max penalty is a reduction of20%). The word count is based on the body of the report i.e. excluding appendices and references.The report is set up so that it can be done in stages as we complete sections of the module. For example, the section on financing structure and capital & financial risks management canbe completed when the section on equity and liability analysis is completed. YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO WORK ON THE REPORT AS WE GO THROUGH THE SEMESTER; LEAVING IT UNTIL THE END IS A HIGHLY RISKY STRATEGY!3: Company Selection and DeadlineYou will be randomly assigned 2 companies (in the same industry) from the list of pairs overleaf.-companies to be assigned next week and submit final report by Friday 28th April.4: Sources of InformationThe key sources of information should be the most recent annual report of the companies and any detail on Thomson One. 5: Interim SubmissionsI will accept interim submissions and provide some feedback. However, this is not an open ended commitment (in finance the last thing that you give are open ended commitments – remember the State Guarantee). All interim submissions should be made in hard copy.
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The report is set up so that it can be done in stages as we complete sections of the module. For example, the section on financing structure and capital & financial risks management canbe completed when the section on equity and liability analysis is completed. Therefore, I will accept partially completed reports up until class on March 21st (unless other dates are specified in class) – the speed of turn around will depend on the number of interim submissions that I receive. Feedback may be provided verbally or written. No indication of grade will be provided. Any feedback will be given with the intention of improving the final submission. The feedback will concentrate on the salient issues and may not address every issue with the interim submission. The incorporation of feedback into the final report does not guarantee any particular grade. The provision of feedback (and its incorporation into the final report) is not in itself a grounds for appeal of the grade awarded.Students who choose not to make an interim submission will not be penalised – interim submissions will not be tracked. 6: Report Format6.1: Analysis Section (75% of the available marks from continuous assessment)You should analyse the two companies that have been allocated to you – ostensibly to determine which is the better company from the perspective of an equity investor. Your final conclusion should include a recommendation (buy both, buy one, buy neither, other – analysis inconclusive, need more information....) The analysis report should address the following issues:-Introduction and Overview of Companies (10%)-Financing structure and capital & financial risks management (20%)-Asset and Operating performance (15%)-Cash Flow Analysis (10%)-Valuation and Decision (10%)-Conclusion (5%)-Document (5%)oTotal Marks (75%)The report should be written from the perspective of a potential investor and should be fully referenced. These areas can be subdivided into smaller sections. If you feel that the format above is a constraint then you may deviate from it. If you choose to do this then you should include a note on the front cover stating this (otherwise I will assess the report based on an inappropriate marking scheme). You should also set out how you propose how the marks for the various sections should be allocated, I am under no obligation to agree to your suggestion.The report should be no more than 3,200 words and no less than 2,500 words. This excludes footnotes, appendices and references. All figures used should be referenced to their source or if you have calculated the figure yourself then the calculation should be shown as a footnote along with the source of the original information in the calculation. 6.2: Application of Finance/Economic Theory (25% of the available marks for the report)
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