Assignment: Sender-Receiver Model of Communication

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my assignment is to answer all these 4 questions YOU can just paraphrase the below answers 1. Sender and receiver Noise(one page) 2: Write a one page summary outlining what you have learned so far in the class about the number one soft skill that a BA must have-do not just paraphrase the book. Include an example of a situation where you might apply this soft skill. ( half page)3: Select a class topic that you find interesting. Write one page on this topic. Be sure to include an introductory sentence and a concluding sentence. Explain why you find it interesting and why it is relevant to the workplace( Requirement Analysis)(Half a page)4. Facilitation skills. Describe one (Half a page)
1. Sender and receiver NoiseApply the Sender-Receiver Model to a communication issue you have encountered. In a half page to a full page, explain:a)What the sender is thinking and assumingb)What the receiver is thinking and assumingc)Noise between the two partiesd)How you removed or reduced the noise Answer:The sender/receiver model can be used in most situations throughout life. A real life example that I canshare with the class is a situation where I was studying English in order to enter the University. I went into agrammar class. My English was very weak at that time. It was very difficult for me to understand the teacher. The teacher was the sender. The noise that I was experiencing was the use of English language that I didnot yet understand. The rest of the class, see and understand the messages that she was sending, but I was missingmost of what she was communicating. Most of the class had her as a teacher before, so, therefore, the way in whichshe communicated was familiar to them. Since she was new for me, I did not understand and she was not aware thatI was missing what she was saying because I did not ask for clarification.b) Answer:In this situation, I was the receiver. I made the assumption that everyone else in the class was having thesame difficulty understanding what she was saying. I also assumed that if I did not understand something in oneclass, she would ask to explain the details in the next class. Unfortunately, because I did not communicate to her thatI did not understand what she was saying, she never went further into the details. As a result, I failed the exam at themidterm.c) Answer:In my opinion, the noise I experienced was the language barrier. I did not understand the language that shewas using to give her class information. Because the teacher assumed that I understood what she was saying, this‘noise’ was increased.d) Answer:Until I failed, I did not say anything about missing what was being said in class. I asked the school directorif I could move to another school or be put under another teacher. The director said he did not care, but the realprocess was that I had to talk directly to the teacher. She was happy that I talked to her and she change the way in

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