Natural Resource Depletion: A Growing Concern


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Environmental Science
Natural Resource Depletion: Natural resources are formed by various biotic and abiotic factors in theenvironment and are utilized by the human for various purposes. There are two kinds of natural resources are present one is renewable resources that can be produced after use like – food crops, timber, paper etc. and other is non-renewable resources which can’t be created once used up such as – coal, minerals, water, natural gas, etc. Natural resource depletion is a significant current environmental issue. The rapid increase of world population eventually causes greater requirement for natural resources. The consumption of natural resources has increased enormously due to the extensive use of natural resources by emerging countries for the development of advanced industries worldwide. The basic reasons for natural resource depletion are as follows-OverpopulationEnvironmental pollution Land deterioration, soil erosion and loss of nutrient cycle. Deforestation and devastation of ecosystems promoting loss of biodiversity.Industrial and technological advancement.Overconsumption and untenable utilization of resources.Mining of fossil fuels and minerals. Natural calamities like drought and flood. Non-renewable energy source utilization brings about the discharge of greenhouse gasses, which is liable for climate change and global warming (15 Current Environmental Problems That Our World isFacing - Conserve Energy Future, 2014)Several countries are presently creating more sustainable and renewable energy resources, for example- hydropower, solar system, the wind, biogas and geothermal energy, etc. which are natural resources but won’t pollute the environment. Some conservation methodologies can be taken such as minimization and control the consumption and decrease wastes, modification of lifestyle, upgrade
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