Solutions to Global Issues 2022


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Solutions to Global Issues
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Non-renewable natural resources are most at risk of depletion
The non-renewable resources are those who once when utilized, cannot be obtained
further, and thus would become obsolete. So far, the exhaustion is influenced by the
increased population which has resulted into a greater demand with limited resources, poor
farming practices, logging, over-consumption of the natural resources, technological
advancement, and pollution. There are very many non-renewable natural resources, including
coal, water, oil, minerals such as copper, zinc, phosphorus, etc., as well as species (Hartwick,
2013). However, the non-renewable natural resources that are at high risk of depletion is coal.
This is because it is the most utilized sources of fossil fuel, which generates energy for daily
Sustainable development models that have broad applicability to the needs and
consumption demands of both developing and developed countries.
There are various sustainable options which can be adopted to address the global issues
arising from the increased demand. Some of these includes:
Adopting renewable technologies of energy generation- energy is the most basic
need for propelling technological growth. However, with the increased use of coal
that leads to climate change, the best solution is to turn to renewable technologies
such as wind power, solar power, or hybrid systems. Also, energy-efficient techniques
such as recycling of wastes, hot and cold water systems might be helpful.
Controlling deforestation- the creation of sustainable programs aimed at educating
the public on the importance of conserving nature will be beneficial. Further,
incentives such as those created by the World Bank against deforestation and
greenhouse emissions when extended are strictly monitored will be a significant step
(Wüstenhagen & Boehnke, 2017).
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