Negotiation Strategies and Tactics

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Negotiation Strategies and Tactics

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NEGOTIATION STRATEGIES AND TACTICS2My Reflection on NegotiationsAfter studying negotiation strategies and tactics between labor union and employees, there are several things that I have noticed. Firstly, is the need for one to compromise. To start with, not all negotiations are a win-win in the making. Therefore, one must be able to identify what he or she is willing and able to lose. Secondly, I have also come to the understanding that we ought to develop and identify best alternatives to a negotiated agreement (BATNA). I see thisas an essential tool before one starts negotiating as it focuses which way forward should the negotiable fail. In addition to that, I see it important to include people who are well versed with negotiation skills and labor laws when engaging an employer. Lastly, I think negotiation ought tobe carried out by a neutral party that does not bear any power that may favor one side.Negotiation procedure between manager and labor unionThere is a procedural way to strike any negotiation involving a manager and labor union. Firstly, there must be the presence of agents of all labor unions that are involved in the negotiation at hand and the administration that acts as the other party in the negotiation majorly concerned about the conditions of the agreement (Fells, 2016). In the present times, the process of negotiation is guided by the government law. The action for this a great importance to it in thesense that, those involved in the process, that is laborers and entrepreneurs that are in determinedto solve their problems (Avouyi-Dovi, Fougère, & Gautier, 2013). In addition to that, the processdenotes that members ought to support and accept the road taken by their union leaders and representatives of the administrative tasked with the negotiation as they proceed with collective bargaining negotiations or agreement.
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NEGOTIATION STRATEGIES AND TACTICS3Moreover, it is essential to note that both parties will be offered with information about the contract the present contract and the status of the proceedings of negotiations towards achieving a new contract. In addition to that, the two parties are to be supplied with secret data which will not be uncovered to their either side (Fossum, 2014). Furthermore, it is necessary and always is the case for members to meet with delegates or those representing them in the negotiation like union leaders to foster a way forward as far as negotiation is concerned. It is at this point when the two parties are well prepared and determined to start negotiations that are therepresentative from the labor union and those from the administration that the negotiation finally starts. It is worth noting that reaching an agreement is crucial as an inability to do so within the set out time frame will eventually result in a strike. Distributive negotiation approachThis method, also known as, to as a win-lose bargaining agreement commonly used in situations where there are a settled standard or resources and whichever way one party benefits, the other negotiating party loses (Card, Cardoso, & Kline, 2015). One of the main characteristics of this kind of negotiation is that the negotiating parties do not have acquaintance with one another and appear not to believe that there could build up an association between the two sides in future. One of the best examples of this kind of negotiation is what we experience when we make a buy.Integrative negotiation approachUnlike distributive kind of approach, this approach tends to benefit both parties and has been termed as a win-win kind of approach. This approach happens when conditions are such that they favor a more fulfilling and beneficial results together than could be achieved when each
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