Neo-liberalism and Child Protection : Essay

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Analyse the impact of Neo-liberalism on thecommunity and human services in Australia.
Interpreting the topicThis essay focuses on identifying the impact which has been carried by neo-liberalismupon child protection practices in the Australian Region. Neo-liberalism consists of a set ofeconomic policies which emphasize on free market competition. This theory applies minimumintervention of government in social and economic grounds. Neo-liberalism promotes 'free'market approaches and efforts of the state are directed in promoting the market rather thanundertaking public welfare activities (Impact of Neo-Liberalism, 2016). This type of market isfocused over promotion of trade through cutting down of trade barriers and duties. This topichave been garnering lot of attention in the Australian media and has been undertaken for thisresearch as well.Exploring the topicThere is a plenty of information available relating to this topic on the internet platformsand course materials which are helpful in availed a detailed understanding on the subject. Thecourse materials and some journals undertaken for the project are helpful in analysing availableinformation in an appropriate manner. Although it was not easy to gather right information fromthe library as there was numerous journals and articles who have emphasized on the topic ofNeo-liberalism and child protection in Australia. The search strategy which has been opted forthis project is Searching for Keywords. This strategy focuses on identifying some keywords inthe abstract and statute title of reference. Some keywords which were focused upon duringcollection of data are: Neo-liberalism, child protection in Australia, Study, Outcome, people andhuman services.Finding relevant supporting sourcesThis section focuses on identifying the authenticity of references utilised for completionof this project. The 4 journal articles which has been considered for completion of this researchessay are as follows:Baum, F. & et. al, (2016). Comprehensive primary health care under neo-liberalismin Australia. Social Science & Medicine, 168, 43-52.This journal attempted to understand and highlight the change which has been broughtprior to implementation of Neo-liberalism in healthcare. Neo-liberal reform to health sector havebeen successful in providing comprehensive healthcare to people and there is a significant
reduction in health problems associated with clinical care. The information have been publishedin the year 2016 and have not been revised since. There is a greater degree of relevance of thistopic to this project as it involvement influence of neo-liberal practices upon health care whichrelates to community and human services. The prime author for this journal is Fran Baum whohas been working with South-gate Institute for Health society and equity. Therefore Author canbe mentioned as authentic and carries a decent credibility in the market. The knowledge andinformation obtained from this journal will be helpful in gaining understanding on how neo-liberalism will be impacting child protection and community in healthcare department.Healthcare sector can be considered as a crucial section which can be termed as a majorcontributor when it comes to offering ideal child protection services.Churchill, H., & Fawcett, B. (2016). Refocusing on early intervention and familysupport: A review of child welfare reforms in New South Wales, Australia. Social Policyand Society, 15(2), 303-316.This journal attempted to understand and evaluate the child development practices whichhave been carrying out since 2000 year. The NSW have been carrying out major child protectionreforms so that there is significant improvement in the manner children are born and brought up.The services included cost effective treatment and early family intervention so that majorchallenges or issues can be countered effectively. Information collected in the year 2016 andhave not been revised yet. The information relates to year 2016 and could be further utilised forunderstanding and further utilising information for this project. This journal article can be easilycited for this project as it involves a detailed study on the child welfare reforms and majorchallenges which were encountered. Harriet Churchill is the prime author for this article whoworks for Department of sociological studies, University of Sheffield. The informationpublished can be considered as authentic as it has been formed after a careful review of anotherstudies published in the same domain supported with use of personal knowledge and experiencein the field of sociology. The information will be utilised in the manner to identify how practicesand intervention of child protection have resulted and how that have influenced post introductionof neo-liberalism in the Australia.Gray, M. & et. al, (2015). Perspectives on neo-liberalism for human serviceprofessionals. Social Service Review, 89 (2), 368-392.

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