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Implementation of Prototype System

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Added on  2019-09-24

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Neptune Technical College has an abysmal system for registering its students. Over the course of the semester, we hope to implement a prototype system that will allow smoother registration. The beginning requirement is simply to create a catalog that contains the majors offered at Neptune (for our prototype, a very small number) and the classes that are required for each major. For now, we will consider all courses ‘required’; we will not consider electives for this program.The program is fairly simple. There will be four classes: Catalog, Major, Course and MainClass(of course). These classes will be populated by reading the information from two different files, one for the majors, the second for the courses. Later programs will read in information for students, instructors and sections being taught in a term.Implementation notes:Minimum requirements for a grade of C:The three classes representing the catalog and its contents should have the following attributes and functionality.Course – this class simply represents a course, e.g. CPT-237. It is extremely simple, having only three attributes:courseId – a final String that is the id of the course, e.g. CPT-237name – a final String that is the name of the course, e.g. Advanced Javahours – a final integer that is the number of credit hours for this course, generally this will be threeSince all three of these variables are final, there should be getters (accessors) but no setters (mutators).Major – this class represents a given major at Neptune. Initially it will have the following:name – a final String representing the name of the major, e.g. Computer ProgrammingisDegree – a final boolean that indicates whether this is a degree program; if this is false, the major is a certificaterequiredCourses – an ArrayList of courses that are required for this majorThis class will have getters for the name and isDegree fields. In addition, it will have the following two methods.addRequiredCourse – this method accepts a course id as a StringgetRequiredCourses – this method returns a list of the courses required for this majorCatalog – this class contains all of the majors and courses offered at Neptune. The class will have a static member, theCatalog. The constructor for this class will set theCatalog to this. TheCatalog class consists of two – a list of Course objects
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