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Network Design and Implementation | Assignment

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Network Design and Implementation Assessment 1.0 Phase1Detailed Learning ObjectivesUpon completion of this case study, you will have demonstrated the ability to:Assign appropriate addresses to interfaces and host PCs in accordance with the topologydiagram.Cable the network according to the diagram.Implement trunk links between switches.Implement VLANs within the switch network.Implement spanning tree protocol.Implement inter-VLAN routing.Implement Cisco HSRP.Implement Multi-area OSPF.Figure 1 – Topology DiagramScenarioYou are required to implement a switched network supporting four data VLANs for the network users.The network is designed with redundant links between switches, which must carry the VLANs to thelayer 3 switches. Spanning tree and HSRP are required to provide L2 and L3 resiliency respectively,and multi-area OSPF is configured within the network core.Note:Save Packet Tracer frequently and keep text copies of your configuration toprevent disasterwhenthe software crashes.
Task 1: Planning the addressing scheme.Step 1: Subnet the Address SpaceThe / 16 address space has been assigned to support a series of subnets asdetailed in Table 1. You will also need to calculate appropriate contiguous address ranges forall VLANs, as well as for the links between DLS1, DLS2, R1, R2 and Core.Explain how you calculated the required subnets, and explain any assumptions made.VLAN IDNameInterfacesNumber of Hosts15StaffFa0/5-1015020StudentsFa0/11-15100025RegistryFa0/16-207530VoiceFa0/7-10, 16-2022599Network AdminFa0/24 (AS2 only)10Table 1 – Subnet RequirementsExplanation Total: ___________________15%Step 2: Document and assign interface and PC addressesAssign the last usable address in each subnet to the HSRP virtual IP address. Assign VLANSVI addresses on DLS1 & DLS2 contiguous with the HSRP virtual IP address.All switch remote management will be via VLAN 99, so assign ALS1 a contiguous addressfollowing on from that assigned to DLS1 & DLS2 SVIs for VLAN 99.The Staff, Student and Voice VLANs will use DHCP to assign addresses, Registry andNetwork Admin will use static assignment.Assign appropriate IP addresses to the router interfaces from the assigned address space.Document the IP addressing plan, containing assigned IP addresses, masks, defaultgateways, etc in a tabular form within your report.Table Total: ___________________10%Step 3: Build the network in Packet TracerBuild the network shown in the topology diagram in Packet Tracer, and assign interfaceaddresses as per Step 2.Name the file in the formatsurname_studentID_assessment1, e.gsmith_s1234567_assessment1PT Addressing Total: _________________5%
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