Project on Comparison of Different Hardware Devices

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Network Diagram
WEIGHTED DECISION MATRIXPROJECT PURPOSE:The goal of project is to compare different hardware devices basicallyswitches, routers and PC from different vendors along with thespecifications and compare them together and select the best out of them thatsuits our requirements and our needs.I will compare here routers, switches and PC’s required for our new officesin Tokyo and Osaka. I would be looking at various aspects that should fit tothe requirement and specifications given for this officeWDM-HARDWARE RESOURCE REQUIREMENT ANALYSISWe will give weight and scores to different as per our needs andspecification and then select the best out of them.WEIGHTS : IMPORTANCE GIVEN TO REQUIREMENTS1 - Not Important3 - Very Important5 - CriticalSCORE- ASSESSING THE OPTIONS0 – Not Meeting the expectation2- Partially Meeting the expectation4 Meeting the expectation6 Exceeds the expectation
WDM FOR ROUTERS:ROUTER NAMECOSTSPEEDPORTSSECURITYAsus RT-AC88U$280GIGABYTES8MODERATESynologyRT2600ac$209Upto GIGABYTES4HighAsus ROG RaptureGT-AC5300$388GIGABYTES8HighAsus RT-AC3200Tri-Band WirelessGigabit Router$187GIGABYTES4HighNetgear Orbi Wi-FiSystem$300GIGABYTES4HighREQUIREMENTCOSTSPEEDPORTSSECURITYTOTALWEIGHTEDSCOREDESCRIPTION<$200>=1000>2YESWEIGHT5311Asus RT-AC88U246416SynologyRT2600ac424414Asus ROGRapture GT-AC5300066416Asus RT-AC3200Tri-Band WirelessGigabit Router644418Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi System064414On basis of above calculation, I will chooseAsus RT-AC3200 Tri-Band WirelessGigabit Router
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