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WEIGHTED DECISION MATRIXEXECUTIVE SUMMARYPROJECT PURPOSE:The goal of project is to develop procurement plan for Singapore and kualalumpur networks based on weighted decision matrix(WDM).This particularproject also involves the feasibility analysis of the network to be developed andexamining results of this undertaking based on total budget. This project willinclude only layer 2 and 3 devices and PCs. In this plan , I will compare the deviceson the basis of importance given to the requirements and assessing them bygiving them scores. After that , I will choose best possible device which I will usefor the network.The scope of this plan is in present as well as in future as I have given additionalhosts for the specified routers (Singapore and kuala lumpur) which can be used infuture. Moreover, emphasis is given to cost and the total budget.WDM-HARDWARE RESOURCE REQUIREMENTANALYSISFirstly ,I have given weights and scores to be used for all devicesWEIGHTS : IMPORTANCE GIVEN TO REQUIREMENTS1 - The requirement is not very important3 - The requirement must be met5 - The requirement is criticalSCORE- ASSESSING THE OPTIONS0 - The requirement isn’t met at all2- The requirement is partially met, but not completely4 The requirement has been met
6 The item exceeds the requirementWDM FOR ROUTERS:ROUTER NAMECOSTSPEEDPORTSSECURITYASUS DSL-AC56UWireless router - 4-port$200GIGABYTES4MODERATELinksys 4 PortGigabit SecurityRouter with VPNRVS4000$160GIGABYTES4HIGHREQUIREMENTCOSTSPEEDPORTSSECURITYTOTALWEIGHTEDSCOREDESCRIPTION<$200>=1000>2YESWEIGHT5311ASUS DSL-AC56UWireless router -4-port246230Linksys 4 PortGigabit SecurityRouter with VPNRVS4000646452On basis of above calculation, I will chooseLinksys 4 Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN RVS4000WDM FOR SERVERSERVER NAMECOSTUSERSEXPANSION SLOTSCisco NAC Appliance3350 Server-max 3500users NAC3350-3500-K9$160035002 PCI SLOTSIBM 8203-E4A iSeriesServer 1-Way-5633-V5R4-1500 users with$200015002 PCI EXPRESS 8 SLOTS
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