Obesity in Children and Young People Essay

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INTRODUCTIONActivity 11.Yes it is fact that Australians eat too much fat food and they do not have enough dietary fibers.Study shows that 70% children are not having enough Omega-3 polyunsaturated fat which isessential for children for their brain and eye development. Apart from this 80% children do nothave dietary fiber that is essential for the body. That is the main reason that Austria has becomethe country where number of obesity and diabetes, overweight patients are high in as compare toother nations. Research found that ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 in Australian is only 8:1which is not accurate.2.It is essential for the person to eat healthy diet so that individual can remain healthy. Governmentof the Australia has made five food groups of healthy eating. These are as following:VegetablesFruitsLean meats, fish, egg, seeds, nutsDairy food (Milk, yoghurt cheese etc.)Grain food, high cereal fibre varieties.Different foods contains different nutrients. It is not possible for a person to eat all thesefood items in the single day but individual needs to eat it in alternative days in order to live ahealthy life. 3.Protein is essential part for human body, it gives strength to muscles, bones, hairs,Harmon, blood etc. Children are in growing age so protein can help in repairing of cells andproviding energy as well. Physical injuries, chronic infection occur in the children bodyfrequently, protein can prevent them from these issue. Enough protein in the kids body canenhance their immune system capacity. That prevent them from falling sick. Furthermore, it isalso essential for formation of cells and energy generation. 4.1
Parents are required to make mealtime pleasant for them. They are requited to sit with them atthe meal time. Positive conversation can help in create enjoyment for them. Making changes inmeal varieties can enhance interest of children for food. They can get bored from the same foodregularly thus, by making variety of food that include vegetables, grains, fruits can make themeal enjoyable for them. Involvement of fun food activities can encourage children for tryingnew foods. Involvement of one favourite dish of child can be supportive in enjoying mealtimes. Make Mealtimes in Child Care Pleasant, Easy and Appealing, 2015. http://articles.extension.org/pages/25781/make-mealtimes-in-child-care-pleasant-easy-and-appealing5.Healthy food is the first requirement of human body in order to remain healthy. Ifindividual does not get proper nutrition then it may develop number of disease in the person. DiabetesAnaemiaRicketsScurvyBeriberiDiabetes cause if individual eats high fat in food, this increase cholesterol of the personand individual can get suffer from diabetes. Scurvy causes due to lack of vitamin C in the food.Anaemia is the disease in which blood plantlets of the person gets down and at the time ofmonthly bleeding women high blood flow occurs. Rickets takes place due to lack of Vitamin D in meal. Beriberi causes due to poor nutrition infood. List of Diseases Caused by Poor Nutrition, 2017. https://www.livestrong.com/article/291408-list-of-diseases-caused-by-poor-nutrition/Activity 21.A. Infant aged one year.It is the age in which children do not know about anything so parents need to give themMilk as drink. Milk is better for their growth and muscles development. Furthermore, beans,2
Mash banana, iron fortified food need to be given to children those who are in infants aged oneyear.B. Toddlers aged two yearsDoctors recommend babies of Toddlers age group to drink 2 cup of milk. It is beneficialfor their growth and gives strength to their muscles, bones. Furthermore, grain food such as rice,corn, fruits, vegetables such as carrot etc. need to be given to children of that age.C. Children aged five yearsThey need to drink a glass of fruit juice daily. It is better for their development. Inaddition, children of 5-8 years are required to eat rice, eggs, vegetables.Children aged 1 to 5 years, 2017. https://www.enjoyhealthyeating.info/nutrition/children-aged-1-5-years2.Highly processed food is not good for the health of children. They are required to eatunprocessed snake food. If they eat unprocessed snake food then they can remain healthy andchance of occurrence of disease can be minimized. This includes Carrot, Tomato, salad etc. inorder to encourage children to eat unprocessed snake food parents are required to guide them andmake them aware with benefits of this food. Always do positive conversation with them so thatthey take interest in eating of this food. Furthermore, parents are required to cook food at homerather bringing children at hotels. This will help in identifying benefits of the food. Encouraging Children to Eat Healthy Snacks, 2014.https://www.cuddleschildcare.com.au/encouraging-children-to-eat-healthy-snacks/3.In the starting six months mothers are required to fed them their own milk, it is good for thehealth of children. Importance of breastfeeding are as following:It helps in growth of baby for entire life.It provides all type of nutrition to baby that are required in this age.It protects from infection and other diseases.Child service organizations promote breastfeeding because in the modern era womenthose who have given birth to baby they do not feed their child which affect baby's health. Thus,3
this organization promote breastfeeding so that number of disease in young baby can beminimized. Recommended time to give solid food to children is in the age between 1-2 years. In thisage child becomes able to digest this solid food materials. How breastfeeding benefits you and your baby, 2017. https://www.babycenter.com/0_how-breastfeeding-benefits-you-and-your-baby_8910.bc4.Food labels are supportive material that helps in choosing safe and healthy food. It givesdetail about ingredients use in the food. In this food labelling serving size, protein, fat, sodium,sugar, dietary fibre, energy etc. details are given. By learning reading food label individual canpurchase right material for children. It supports in cutting back such ingratiates that can harmkids. By this way individual can be able to improve diet of their children. Reading Food Labels - How Does It Help Buy Healthier Foods, 2012.http://www.nourishinteractive.com/healthy-living/free-nutrition-articles/161-family-facts-importance-reading-food-labels5.While preparing cycle menu for the children planner is required to ensure that each meal materialshould contain nutritions in accurate amount. They need to take into consideration to the age ofchildren and according have to plan their menu. It is essential to consider that parents andteachers have adequate knowledge about the nutrition and if they do not have then training needsto be given so that they can follow the chart. Bibliography Nutrition and Menu Planning for Children in the Child Care Food Program, 2013.http://www.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/childrens-health/child-care-food-program/nutrition/_documents/nmp-workbook-2013.pdfIt is essential to look upon routine activities of the person, their diet schedule and other activitiesas well. Apart from this, it is essential to take into consideration to nutrients that are used by theperson while planning cycle menu.Children menu plan4

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