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Adult Obesity and Health-Related Quality of Life

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Added on  2022-08-23

Adult Obesity and Health-Related Quality of Life

   Added on 2022-08-23

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Running Head: OBESITY
Quality of Life of Obese people in New Zealand
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Adult Obesity and Health-Related Quality of Life_1
Accumulation of immense fat under the adipose layer, contributing to gain of weight is
known as obesity. Upon getting obese, an individual also accumulates certain risk factors which
might be life threatening. Obesity of a person is measured based on their Body Mass Index
(BMI), which defines the exact weight of an individual based on their height. If the BMI is found
to be more than or equal to 25 a person is considered to be obese. Usually, BMI of a person
ranging between 25-29 is considered to be overweight, whereas if the calculated BMI is more
than 30 the individual is termed as obese. The BMI of an individual is calculated by dividing the
weight of an individual by the square of their weight. Previously obesity is considered a
prevailing risk factor in developed or high-income countries, but these days it has been evident
that there had been a drastic enhancement of obesity in low and moderate-income countries as
well (, 2020).
Fig: Countries with most recorded Obesity
Adult Obesity and Health-Related Quality of Life_2
Fig: Obesity among OCED countries (, 2020).
Obesity in New Zealand
Obesity had sustained in New Zealand since a long time. Many papers were studied by
collecting from different databases including googlescholar, medline, springer, pubmed and
government documents. According to a survey in the year of 2013-2014, it was found that New
Adult Obesity and Health-Related Quality of Life_3

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