Implementation of Hybrid Strategy at All Levels of Organisation


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Implementation of Hybrid Strategy at All Levels of Organisation_1

Part 2:Root DefinitionOcado is basically aims on fulfilling its customer’s service requirements. All of this canmanaged and run by efficient and effective IT department in the company. IT departmentneed to design good online system and websites, which will help in catering to the needs anddemands of the customers, which are secure and safe for online transactions. Besides theyshould also provide fast online service, with other issues regarding confidentiality and datasecurity (Field, J. M., et.al. 2004).CATWOECustomersPeople who purchase grocery onlineActorsSuppliers, Advertisers, Employees, DriversTransformationMore efficient and timely delivery of ordersWorld ViewWill attract people to buy grocery online and save theirvaluable timeOwnersVarious supplies should be persuaded about the value ofcoming together with OcadoEnvironmental constraintsMarketing Budgets, competition in the marketOcado needs to attract more and more customers, for shopping online. This will require all ofthe human resources, such as employees, suppliers, car drivers and others who are workingtogether, should combine their efforts and create value for their customers. This will help inattracting more customers who are not using such services for purchasing groceries. Variouspeople who are working at present with Ocado, should be convinced of the benefits ofcombined efforts while keeping all the environmental constraints in check (Castells, M.2002).
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BrainstromingLow salesLess StockCompetitorsRich Picture for Present SituationRich Picture for Future SituationEarlier the company was having problems in providing efficient services, but after accordingto the new system it was able to provide effective efficient services. It was also able toprovide most of the orders in time. Ocado maintained better relations with the wholesalers
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and suppliers, which resulted in management of good quality services and products to theircustomers. This also helped the company to give tough competition to the competitors in theonline retail market. Furthermore Ocado was able to maintain level of stock required to meetthe needs of the customers and thus was able to earn more profits (O'Brien, J. A., et.al.2006).Flow Chart (Current)Figure 1: Flow Chart showing present process of operations in OcadoAt present Ocado is selling products to its customers, by placement of orders by the usage ofuser friendly interfaces. The company have operated and developed a totally differentsolution for providing groceries which are brought from suppliers and then are directly sent tothe kitchens of the customers. Ocado is running huge warehouses operations, where theykeep all the goods and then picked according to the customers’ orders and then they arepicked and delivered to the customers. The company is based on technology and logisticsskills instead of store based system, which help them to cater to the needs of the customers(Jonkman, J., et.al. 2009).Suppliers and WholesalersCentre Fulfilment CentresDeliveryFinal Consumer
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