Personal Development Plan - PEST Analysis

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OL 125: Personal Development Plan – PEST Analysis (Milestone Three)Student Name: Tania FarhatDate: 02/14/2017FactorOpportunityThreatPoliticalI always keep acheck over thepolicy change inthe government.Creation of theglobal bodiesmay affect myfuture, so I readabout themoften.Political issuesof theneighboringcountries andtheir plans mayalso effect thepolicies of ourcountry and inturn can affectmy plans andstrategies for myaim related tojob.I am almost aware ofthe new governmentpolicies so it could helpme in future. Asgovernment forms,various plans for theemployment in thecountry. I will be wellsettled in future.Political issues of theneighboring countriesand the country’sattitude to foreigninvestment mayinfluence our country’sinvestment hence myplans in return. I amplanning to studyabroad but thecountry’s relation maynot allow me to do so.EconomicThe economy ofmy home tellsabout my familystatus and effectsmy way of livinga luxurious life.In future, theemployment rateand new jobopportunitiesgone to affectmy economicstatus.Taxationchanges by theIn few years, I’ll getgood job opportunitiesbecause of my strengthsand the newemploymentopportunities as thegovernment is tryinghard to reduceunemployment.The economic status ofmy family is very goodas of now. But thethreat is that in future ifthe condition degradesas of now then thewhole responsibilitywill be on me. Thiswould create a stressfuleconomic condition.
country caneffect in a bad orgood waydepending on thedeflation orinflation rate.Socio-CulturalAs I havediscussed in mySWOT analysisthat I am atrustworthyperson and avery socialite.I am aware of allthe ethics andsocial taboos inthe societyI am very muchcomfortable inthis generationand eldergeneration aswell.I am good atcommunication withothers and a trustworthyperson hence, it willhelp me to get a betterand long lasting phasein the job I get into.I am aware of the socialtaboos, but all these oldstatements affect mebecause many of themare worthless and Idon’t think twice tostand against them.TechnologicalI am atechnology loverhence is aware ofall the newtechnologycoming in myway.Innovations andresearch are whatI seek from pressmedia daily.I am aware of theall new softwarecoming on theway.Being a tech lover it isnot difficult for me tolearn new technologyand software. Thiswould always help meto be there with the timeand innovative ideas.The software and newtechnology aredeveloping so fast thesedays that it is verydifficult to get access toall of them. I am afraidof the complexity inthem which may takemuch time to learn.
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