PEST Analysis for Personal Development


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OL 125: Personal Development Plan – PEST Analysis (Milestone Three)Student Name: Tania FarhatDate: 02/14/2017FactorOpportunityThreatPoliticalI always keep a check over the policy change in the government.Creation of the global bodies may affect my future, so I read about them often.Political issues of the neighboring countries and their plans may also effect the policies of our country and in turn can affect my plans and strategies for my aim related to job.I am almost aware of the new government policies so it could help me in future. As government forms, various plans for the employment in the country. I will be well settled in future.Political issues of the neighboring countries and the country’s attitude to foreign investment may influence our country’s investment hence my plans in return. I am planning to study abroad but the country’s relation may not allow me to do so.EconomicThe economy of my home tells about my family status and effectsmy way of livinga luxurious life.In future, the employment rate and new job opportunities gone to affect my economic status.Taxation changes by the In few years, I’ll get good job opportunities because of my strengthsand the new employment opportunities as the government is trying hard to reduce unemployment.The economic status of my family is very good as of now. But the threat is that in future ifthe condition degrades as of now then the whole responsibility will be on me. This would create a stressful economic condition.
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country can effect in a bad orgood way depending on thedeflation or inflation rate.Socio-CulturalAs I have discussed in my SWOT analysis that I am a trustworthy person and a very socialite.I am aware of allthe ethics and social taboos in the societyI am very much comfortable in this generation and elder generation as well.I am good at communication with others and a trustworthyperson hence, it will help me to get a better and long lasting phase in the job I get into.I am aware of the socialtaboos, but all these oldstatements affect me because many of them are worthless and I don’t think twice to stand against them.TechnologicalI am a technology lover hence is aware ofall the new technology coming in my way.Innovations and research are whatI seek from pressmedia daily.I am aware of theall new software coming on the way.Being a tech lover it is not difficult for me to learn new technology and software. This would always help me to be there with the timeand innovative ideas.The software and new technology are developing so fast thesedays that it is very difficult to get access toall of them. I am afraid of the complexity in them which may take much time to learn.
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