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Running Head: Online Distribution Online Distribution
Online Distribution1Introduction In this present paper, we will cover the pros and cons of the online distribution. Generally, this assignment focuses on the experience of using the online distribution system for shopping. (Thakran et al . , 2013)This is the modern world where technology plays the crucial role in every human being's life. This act as the significant mediation and it has come about well ever business. It is the type of the distribution that purely uses the electronic media. There is no use of the physical media. Thusit is worth considering the pros and cons of using online distribution. Some instances of the online distribution system are (eBay’s, Amazon etc. )Types of distribution systemThere are two different ways of doing distribution that providing goods directly to the customers.Pick up refers to that facility which is being provided to customer in this we give them options from where they can collect the product. Normal delivery refers to that in which goods are delivered directly to customers.There are different ways through which a person can do the payment. The customers can choose that mode of payment which is appropriate for them .Pros of the online Distribution Easy and quick to get goingOnline Distribution is much easier as compared to the physical store. Just with one click, we can access the things easily and quickly.

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