Team Management in Organizational Behaviour


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Team management can be defined as a kind of ability with the help of which an
organization or an individual collaborate and coordinate with group of individuals in order to
perform a task in an efficient and effective manner. Effective team management within Ryanair
is extremely important as it can help them in reducing unnecessary conflicts among team
members, helps in achieving desired aim and objectives in a much better and appropriate
Five characteristics of effective team
Same goal aligned with organization’s vision and mission statement. Same goal helps in
achieve target objectives in a much better manner
Open communication: Open communication between team members helps in reducing
changes of misunderstanding, resolve issues within team members and enhances
understanding among them.
Supporting taking risk: understanding between team members of an effective team have
better understanding due to which each team member support each other for taking risk
(Alexander, Bloom and Taylor, 2020).
Defined roles: each and every team member of an effective team has pre-defined roles and
Encourage different opinion: in an effective team different opinion are encouraged so that
more appropriate and effective solution can be identified that can be used to achieve target
much easily.
Five characteristics of ineffective team
Team members lack commitment towards achievement of common goal and no one take
ownership or responsibility of a particular task.
Roles and responsibilities of team members are not defined clearly defined because of which
conflicts within team members can arise.
No proper procedure through which conflicts can be resolved
Lack of trust and openness because of which misunderstanding within team members
because of which it can become difficult to achieve desired aim and objective.
Insufficient resources is another characteristic due to which difficulties in reach target goal
can be faced by team members.

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