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Organizational Behavior and Leadership1IntroductionIn this present paper, we will discuss the importance of effective leadership which helps to meet the objectives of the company with satisfying the employees. The paper also discusses thetrait theory and management grid model which helps to show the importance of management grid and supports in changing the mindset of the management team. The leadership plays a vital role in maximizing the efficiencies of human resources which enable to achieve the organizational goals. An effective leader must possess a strong sense of self and knows how to adjust with the qualities of his subordinates. The absence of leadership can lead to inefficiency of work in any organization. Effective leadershipThe leader initiates actions through communicating the policies and plans with the team members which help them create to create a road map in the mind of employees and managers. The leader motivates the employee through various economic and non-economic motivators such as incentive system, appraisal, the increment of authority and responsibility and others. The leader builds confidence through showing the efforts to the team members by providing clear roles and responsibility among the members. The leader createsmorale which helps to increase the willing of cooperation with the work of the team members. It helps to boost them to achieve the goals and objectives of an organization (Yuklet al., 2012). The leader develops a healthy work environment which helps to grow the organization in a stable and steady manner. The leader relates the personal interest of employees with the organizational goals through coordinating with the team members in a synchronized manner which helps to achieve the organizational goals in a most efficient and effective manner. It is the responsibility of the effective global leaders to increase the capabilities of their workers in order to manage the diverse employees and make changes accordingly and lastly he must be ready for all the challenges as well as opportunities. It has been stated that effective leadership skills transform the organization globally contributing to sustainable advantage.
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Organizational Behavior and Leadership2Following theories shows the importance of effective leadership:Theory X & YAccording to this theory, there are two types of workers which can be motivated through different management style. The theory X suggests that the employees are less ambitious and they inherently don’t like to work. The leader believes that the employee is not brilliant so it concludes that the ‘hands on' approach should be applied to such employees who will trace theactions of employee and outcome will be given by a responsible employee. The theory X improves the efficiency of workers through systematic and uniform workflow by the managers. The theory Y is the complete contrast of theory X; the theory suggests that the employees are inherently motivated and enjoy working so new challenges will be given to them which motivates to work in a most efficient and effective manner (Şahin et al., 2012). Management grid ModelThe management grid model has discussed the five styles of leadership which helps to show theimportance of effective leadership. The graphical representation of management grid has put the concern of production on x-axis and concern of people on the y-axis. Following are the five leadership style:Country club styleAccording to country club style the leader in moreconcern about the people and relatively less concern about the production. These types of managers are more concern about the safety and security of employees which helps to increase the production by increasing the performance of employees. It lies on the graph at(1, 9) point and It is known as accommodating (Hollensen et al., 2015). Team style
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