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(DOC) Investigating Motivation for Learning - Organizational Behaviour Assignment

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Added on  2022-09-10

(DOC) Investigating Motivation for Learning - Organizational Behaviour Assignment

   Added on 2022-09-10

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(DOC) Investigating Motivation for Learning - Organizational Behaviour Assignment_1
Referring to Question 1
Motivation is the major key factor for accomplishing or achieving any objectives. For
a student, the basic and significant objective is to achieve and accomplish higher scores.
Thus, motivation is an effective tool that would lead the student to achieve the desired level
of outcomes. The expectancy theory for motivation has explained certain key elements that
would impact the behavior of an individual to achieve certain grades. Expectancy,
instrumentality, and valence are the three elements of expectancy theory that help in
motivating the individual to accomplish the desire target (Black et al. 2019). With effective
online courses and instruction, the motivation has increased to achieve higher grades as the
examination modes have also been changed. The higher grades are first-level outcomes, and
with the help of the first level outcome, the second level outcome can be achieved which is
also known as instrumentality. The second level outcome can be achieving the position of the
topper and promoting it to the next-higher course. The last element of expectancy theory is
expectancy, which defines motivation; it would define the behavior to achieve the level of
outcomes. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the grades have improved as with the change in
the process of gaining instruction has increased the motivation.
Referring to Question 2
Merit pay is referred to as the bonus depending on achieving target or a certain level
of performance (Deepa, Palaniswamy and Kuppusamy 2014). This kind of pay is beneficial
for motivating the employees to achieve their responsibilities and improves performance.
Although, there is some potential limitation of implementing the merit pay system that
increases the inequity at the workplace. The low discrimination factor can cause a legal
challenge in implementing a merit system. In addition to this, small increases in pay or pay
secrecy are the major elements to cause inequity at the workplace. Inequity refers to unfair
(DOC) Investigating Motivation for Learning - Organizational Behaviour Assignment_2

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