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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOROrganizational BehaviorName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORDiscrimination and organizational performancePerception is a rising issue in the modern competitive business environment. It is ahighly competitive one, and the organizations need top talents at their disposal so that they canthrive in this business environment (Dipboye and Colella 2013).There are many kinds of genderand cultural differences in the workplaces that are evident. These things have to be tackled toimprove the organizational operations. The differences between the races and ethnicity are verymuch detrimental for the organizations (Dipboye and Colella 2013).The agencies have toemploy its employees from different ethnicities and backgrounds because cross-culturalmanagement is one of the most important aspects of all the organizations. The goals andobjectives of the company are unified and the employees from all the religious backgrounds,genders, races and ethnicities and all other things. These things can very evidently lead to themisunderstandings between the employees and can end up in a feud (Mishra and Mishra, 2015).In this case, it must be said thateliminating the unfair discrimination in the workplaces is verymuch necessary so that the organizational performance and social justice can be optimized.This is because the modern organizations have to recruit many people from the contrastingcultures and the talent is the only thing that is considered to be employed. The organizationscannot indulge in encouraging the conflicts in the cross-cultural matters. The overallperformance of the organizations will begin to decrease if they indulge in conflicts. The cross-cultural differences should be set aside and only then the organizations can put up its preferredperformance in its industry. The employees also desire to co-exist with the other employees. Ifthey are deprived from their rights, this would be injustice to the. Social justice can only beestablished if people belonging from different cultures should co-exist in the society as well as inthe organizations.If this unfair discrimination is optimized, the organizations will be benefitted a
2ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORlot from this. The employees who belong from different cultures will learn to co-exist and thiswould yield a good result for the organization as a whole. It is an obvious fact that talent is notlimited within any specific caste, creed, race, ethnicity or skin color. This is why the people fromdifferent races and ethnicities, different continents should learn to work together and the unfairdiscriminations will be removed. So, it will be better for the organizations since the work doneby supreme talents will be very much beneficial for the organization.Equal employmentEqual employment is one of the most important aspects that all the organizations mustensure in their quest to expand in different regions and countries. The anti-discrimination lawsmust act in a way that there should be no cases of the discrimination between the employees inan organization.The Equal Employment opportunity Commission should look after this fact. TheCivil rights Act 1964is very evident in this scenario as well.The Employment Acts in differentcountries should be revised, and strict punishments should be incorporated if the laws areviolated. The employees who are being harassed in the workplaces must launch complains to thehigher authorities and management. The management should proper steps to confront againstthese situations.They can file lawsuits against the management in case they are harassed (Mishraand Mishra, 2015).Gender discriminationsThere are many types of prejudices in the workplace. These biases affect everyone in theorganizations. The lack of proper behavior affects everyone regarding their self-respect and otherissues.The gender discrimination is a very serious issue in this context and the most significantdiscrimination activity arises from the unequal payments (Nadler and Stockdale 2012).It is a
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