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Organizational Behavior
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The purpose of the following essay is to throw the light upon one of the most important
issues in the contemporary organizations. The issue is the #MeToomovement that has been
initiated by the women employees of the organizations spread worldwide. This movement is
dedicated to raise the voice on the sexual harassments that take place within the premises of the
organizations by the male employees at different levels (Garber 2018). In the current times many
big organizations like Google and others have taken the firm steps against this sexual violation or
harassments on their female employees. It is very important for the higher authority managers of
the different organizations to adopt the zero tolerance policies within the organizations that will
help the women employees to be retained. Many other strict steps should be taken and awareness
among the women employees should be awakened as well.
Relevance of the#MeToomovement
The #MeToo era has been the hottest trend in the contemporary organizations and the
media world as well (Sayej 2017). This movement is to make the women aware that they are
always exposed to the male dominance and the society reigned by the patriarchy. According to
the words of the critics, the women voice had been suppressed in the organizations and the
society for many years now. However, the women decided to raise their voices in the protest so
they could do something against this male dominance. In the year 2017, the global protests came
in this context and the women began their protests by theGlobal Protest March.The activist
signs had been shown up and this was the beginning of the protests by the female employees all
around the world. In the words of Hacker (2017), the women were up to the fact that they had to
wake up and make sure that the inevitable change was coming up. The women began their
protests by stepping forward and throwing their hats off into the ring and running for the public
office (Garber 2018). It had been seen that the sexual misconduct on the women had been
increasing. The time had come for the women to protest since it would ruin the overall reputation
of the organization. It has become inevitable that the contemporary organizations will have to
change for the good since their brand reputation will be on the line. It is up to the leaders of the
organizations whether they want to adopt this change or not (Kiser 2015). If they adopt this point
of view it will surely add more value to their organizational ethics. This fact of sexual
misconduct will surely hamper their ethics. However, on the contrary Sayei (2017) has argued
that it is sure that this will be imposed on their companies if they do not apply by their own. If
this is imposed upon them by the external forces by the external forces it will not at all be good
for them. Apart from the sexual misconduct it has also been seen that the women have been
victims of the unequal pay. It is the responsibility of the leaders to take up the lead and make the
necessary positive changes to their workplace culture (Byerley 2018).
Many female employees have been the victims of this movement in this era because of
the lust and greed of their male colleagues (Michailidis, Morphitou and Theophylatou 2012). As
they have decided to make the heavy protests from the go, it will be a huge upheaval task for
them (McLaughlin, Uggen and Blackstone 2012). They have to be united in the various
organizations and their strength will be reflected through this only. However concerning the state
of mind of the survivors of this sexual violence, they will need to build up a community that will
be helpful for them to make the bonding (Byerley 2018). This fact of sexual violence upon
women is nothing new but it has been important to gain the attention of the social media of late.
Rawski and WorkmanStark (2018) have opined that the social media will be able to create a
platform by which the women could be able to raise their voices properly. The organizational
leaders should be more effective in solving these problems for the sexually harassed women. It
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