Organizational Structure of Cityworks Depot

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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREOrganizational Structure of Cityworks DepotName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREIntroductionCity Works depot situated in Auckland is centered around the restoration of the rawmaterials of the historical industrial space robust timbers and glass("City Works Depot",2017).City Work depot is a place for beauty home décor boutiques and also the advertisingagencies. The organizational structure of the Cityworks Depot is here as follows.The organizational Structure of the City works depot is quite a bit complicatedbut it is arranged in a following manner. The city council has a Programmer Head ofmechanical or a technical director who decides upon the instructions of the organization. Heis the head of the Cityworks depot and under him is the maintenance Engineer who looksafter the maintenance of the building work and also Service Engineer who can be bestavailable during the emergency meet (Chorabi et al, 2012;City Works Depot", 2017).Underthe head Maintenance Engineer, it is also further divided into different groups, the juniorgroup contains Jr. Maintenance Engineer, the training supervisor who forms the importantpart of the group and then comes the operator who operates the working of the system and thetechnician who looks after the technical faults or defaults of the building. This particulargroup is well maintained by the Sr. Maintenance Engineer, who supervises their work andgive instructions to take proper care of the workings of the organization. Each group isbestowed with certain works for time period and they carry a huge responsibility to completethe work in the stipulated period of time by following the proper instructions given by thetechnical Director or CEO through the maintenance Engineer (Tran, 2013;City WorksDepot", 2017).The other groups which work directly under the technical director are theservice engineer who is pioneered in looking after the works of the organization and then
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