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SWOT AnalysisStrengthsEasy and efficient facility forcustomers.Door to door online dry cleaningserviceWeaknessesMain weakness is that their serviceis quite costly and time consuming.OpportunitiesCan extend their services for largermarket without any risk as there arevery less companies that provideonline laundry service.ThreatsNew competitors try to enter thismarket.Consumer's perspectiveThey need not to worry about picking up their laundry cloths from laundryshop.Organization's perspectiveCan provide better service to their customers and can target larger market. Marketing Mix (4P's)Price: this service is quite costly and focuses on product line pricing strategy.Product: Free home pickup and delivery service. High quality laundry servicePromotion: Promotion will be done through TV advertisement, flyers,newspapers, social networking sites.Place: All the people living in elite areas of London.Organization and ServiceThe new product or service chosen is online laundry service to be launched inLondon, which is provided by Laundrapp organization. They provide onlinecloths washing service to customers where cloths are collected from customershone and after washing they are delivered back. Marketing and sales conceptsMarketing concept is a perspective that organizations used to analyse needs oftheir customers according to the changing market place and presentcompetitors. While Sales concept is an idea which mainly focuses on sellingof goods and services in order to make profit. It does not matter whether theproduct is actually needed by the customer. The main focus of sales concept isselling of products or services according to the changing market. PRINCIPLES OF SALES AND MARKETINGREFERENCESDatta, H., Ailawadi, K.L. and van Heerde, H.J., 2017. How well does consumer-based brand equity align with sales-based brand equity and marketing-mixresponse?.Journal of Marketing.81(3). pp.1-20.

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