Orientation for Success in Higher Education: E-Portfolio-CPD PLAN/SWOT Analysis


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Professional DevelopmentHigher Education
Module code and title: Orientation for Success in Higher Education.
E-Portfolio-CPD PLAN/SWOT Analysis.
Area of Learning Reflection of
Future Implications Action
(Identify and explain
topics of learning
from this module)
(Detail what you
have learnt about
the topic)
(Identify how learning
will assist in future
studies and career)
(SMART target
identifying how
learning will be
Reflective Learning.
This module is
created to provide
guidance in the
learning process.
From this topic, I
came to know about
opportunities as well
as challenges at
learning institute. I
have learnt about
how could I
memorise to store
the information and
also this enables me
for recalling the
previous faced data
so that I would be
able to re store the
new data (Atay and
Ayvaz, 2020). Along
with this, it offers
me comprehending
of what would be
required to be
successful. Also,
offers a structure of
the development of
research, academic
as well as attributes
which has its
Learning is described
as the procedure that
leads to change which
occurs as an outcome
of the experience as
well as elevated the
potential to improve
the efficiency and
future learning. This
would assists the
individuals for
acquiring the skills
which are necessary
with learning and
knowledge. With the
help of learning, I
would be able to gain
knowledge if it is
interesting as well as
factual and practical
(Nguyen and et. al.,
2018). This helps me in
enhancing my skills
which could benefit in
professional as well as
in private life. Learning
also has an effect on
my work ethic is
getting stronger and
also boosts my
confidence level for the
SMART target: To
maintain the
reflective journal
Specific: It
describes a
specific objectives
which is to be
achieve and this
comprises for
creating a
reflective journal.
Measurable: It
could be
measured by the
number of groups
which log into the
Attainable: I
would be able to
attain the
objective by
making sure that
the reflective
journal will be
completed on
Realistic: The goal
which is to be
achieve much be
realistic and this
requires to have
investments for
Orientation for Success in Higher Education: E-Portfolio-CPD PLAN/SWOT Analysis_1

towards the long
(Shabani Nejad,
Forogh Nematollahi
and Mohamdrezaei,
summing the
reflective journal.
Timely: 3 weeks
Use of Formative
Formative feedback
is considered as a
valuable tool which
enables instructors
to give feedback for
improving learning
to the students. The
objective of
feedback is to
provide students
how their marks has
been given to them
as well as helps in
determining the
quality of work done
by them. Formative
encompasses for
providing feedback
and most
importantly, this
feedback is provided
while giving
instruction enabling
the instructors to
determine my
and also assists me
in correcting my
errors. This feedback
is vital for improving
my skills, knowledge
and also this
represents a
significant element
in encouraging me
to learn (Chung,
Feedback plays a vital
role in student's life as
this enables them to
rectify their mistakes
and provides
opportunities in
learning (Labaree,
2017). Formative
feedback could also be
given with the help of
technology which
enable any leaner to
identify their mistakes.
Along with this, it
enables learners to see
the marking which is
done by the auto
marking. This
technology would
helps instructor for
checking the quality of
the assessment. This
makes free up the
teachers for
concentrating on the
subjective assessment.
Also, this provides
instructor a better
understanding of what
the student needed to
develop as well as
what are the skills that
they would be required
to work upon more.
SMART target: To
utilise the
feedback for
Specific: The
objective is
specific as its aim
to utilise
Measurable: This
criteria of SMART
target is for
improving and
developing using
feedback. I would
be utilising
feedback and
then measuring
my efficiency in
effort to achieve
the goal
(Staniewski and
Awruk, 2019).
Attainable: Using
feedback, I would
be attain the goal
for improving my
skills. Along with
this, I would be
measuring my
performance by
analysing the
feedback in which
it will highlight my
mistakes and I
Orientation for Success in Higher Education: E-Portfolio-CPD PLAN/SWOT Analysis_2

would be able to
rectify them. This
would allow me to
close the gap and
increasing my
Realistic: The goal
should be realistic
as this would help
me in improving
my performance
using formative
Timely: 1 month
Explain Skills to
successfully learn in
the University.
There are various
skills which are
successfully learn in
the university
communication skills
which assists me in
expressing my views
as well as enables
me to understand
the perspectives of
other. This provides
me an opportunity
for face to face
interaction with
other students and
teachers also.
Another skills which
I learnt was time
management is also
an essential skills
which I have learnt.
There were many
situation where I
have came to know
about the important
of time such as
submission of
assignments of time,
dividing my time
into various
activities along with
the study time.
Both communication
skills and time
management skill has a
vital role in student's
life. Communication
skill which is learnt in
the University would
assists them giving
presentations s well as
also enables them to
clear their interviews.
This would also helps
in having interaction
with the clients
effectively. Time
management also has a
significant role as this
would help individual
in dividing their
professional as well as
private life. Also, this
skill provides
opportunity to spend
time with their
families. This makes
individual to to have a
clear understanding of
what the activities they
have to do in a
stimulated time period.
SMART target: To
develop my
skill and time
management skill.
Specific: The goal
must be specific
and this focuses
skill and time
management skill
(Samuel and
Dinesh, 2017).
Measurable: The
skill could be
measure by
having feedbacks
from my
professions and
friends. Time
management skill
could be
measured by self
analysing whether
a task is able to
complete in time
or not.
Attainable: I can
develop my
skills by attending
Orientation for Success in Higher Education: E-Portfolio-CPD PLAN/SWOT Analysis_3

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