Outline of Various Considerations : Business Environment

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Below is an outline of various considerations:Business Environment:At one end the market indicators suggest that the market is declining and on the other I would like toview it as a consolidation and separation of the chaff from the wheat. The early mover’s from thismaturing, not yet peaked, market in my view would be the organizations that were probably not longterm invested in this and probably had a tendency to follow where the wind blows. A detailedassessment of the further research that I have access to suggest that the market has significantopportunity for the agile. A detailed PESTLE (Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological,Environmental and Legal) analysis will be done which would scientifically score the assumptions, itsweightages and the judgment.In terms of understanding the company and its unique value that we brig, a detailed SWOT (Strength,Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis will be done, again following scientific metrics andmeasurement criteria.At the heart of the analysis would be to not only consider the known ecosystems of competition andco-operation, but also yet unknown sources of competition e.g. Apple, a technology company, becamethe most debilitating competitor for say, Sony form the music industry. An externality view whichrequires systems thinking and its related considerations would be important.Brief business considerations:Research indicates that there is still a demand for Desktops in the market as they carry certainadvantages even though they do not fit easily in our shirt pockets. Desktops are still cheaper thanlaptops and not limited by their computing power or screen size. Its easier to repair a PC as well sincethe components are not Nano in size. The processors are a lot faster in the Desktops compared to thatof laptops and a whole lot of peripherals can be plugged onto the desktop, a possibility not achieved ina laptop. Also for people who do not carry their office on the go still prefer Desktops and there isalways cloud for storage of important document when out on a dinner meeting. Additionallyergonomists who study human productivity say that computer screens should be at our eye level andelbows should be at about an angle of 90 degrees whilst typing. This is only possible on a desktop andnot on a tiny laptop.Marketing:The exhaustive leveraging of the 6 P’s of marketing covering having a great Product at a great Pricewith impetus from creative Placement and innovative Promotions supported by insightful Peopleresearch and living, breathing, animatedly chatting and feverishly loyal Passion for the brand.The market would first need to be segmented and although we will need to do a detailed MarketResearch (MR), a preliminary projection based on our current experiential trends indicate that people(middle age career professionals and workforce on the ‘gig’ economy) with less demanding travelschedules tend to prefer desktops. However, further sharpening of the segment and its characteristicswill be explored.My marketing mix would revolve around the themeof “Relationship marketing”, a technique thatpromotes consumer loyalty and focusses on the long term engagement between the consumer and theproduct. It is a strategy that we will use to foster strong connections and bonds with our customers byproviding them with information that meets their needs and interests and promoting opencommunication. The presence of the product and its touch points across online and offline channelsincluding focused internet ads, roadshows in specific audiences, curated invitations and more suchmulti-pronged strategy. A multitude of channels would be important since the segments that we wouldmost like see traction are not adjacent but widely disparate i.e. the ‘gig’ economy has most of itseyeballs online, whereas the other traditional target are in other avenues. The promotions that eachaudience responds to will accordingly be tailor made according to the appeal factor.
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