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OutlineYou have been hired as a website developer by a new client, Joe Smithson. Joe has contracted you to design an interactive website for his company, Joe’s Garage. Joe's Garage offers warrant of fitness (WOF)services, as well as major and minor automobile repairs. Joe needs a website that enables customers to book appointments for WOFs and mechanical services. Based on the following brief, you must design a suitable website with a structure that demonstrates your understanding of website planning and design, as well as Web 2.0
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functionality such as blogs, social media and user-generated content.Joe’s Garage is doing very well in the local market, but currently has noonline presence. Joe does not know much about website design or whatto include in the website. Therefore, you must use your knowledge andcreativity to develop the site, following the guidelines below.Company BriefJoe Smithson established Joe’s Garage in 2005. He currently advertisesin local newspapers and receives customer calls on his cell phone (021-45-6789). He keeps his appointments organised on his smartphone ashe is relatively comfortable using this type of device.Joe's Garage operates six days a week. Most repair jobs are bookedMonday-Friday and most WOF appointments are on Saturdays. When acustomer calls or texts Joe to book an appointment, Joe will record inhis journal the name and phone number of the customer, date andtime of the appointment, as well as the services that the customerrequires.However, Joe has found this is a very ineffective way of operating because every time he answers the phone he has to stop his present job. In the company’s early days, he could remember the names of most of his clients, but since the business has grown this approach is simply not working. In addition, he has begun employing Luke, a student from a local university, to help with basic jobs two days per week. Luke was the onewho suggested Joe needs a website to take orders and advertise online, as well as having a blog to help customers maintain their vehicles. Luke also thinks social media would be a good way to advertise to a wider range of customers. Joe likes the idea, and he started discussing online bookings with his customers. About 80% of them responded positively to the idea, so he decided to go ahead with contracting you to set up the site.Guidelines1. Website Specification (50 marks)Thought, planning and research need to take place before building the website begins. This needs to be specified to guide development of thedesign and ensure the final design meets the client’s requirements as closely as possible. In this section you must:Outline the goal of the site.Outline all the expected user groups of the site.
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