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Nursing - Outpatient Care in Gynecology Department

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Added on  2022-08-28

Nursing - Outpatient Care in Gynecology Department

   Added on 2022-08-28

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Outpatient Care in Gynecology Department
Outpatient care is important in nursing because it ensures that care can be provided to patients in
the comfort of medical offices or outpatient surgery centers without having to spend nights in the
hospital. This type of care is important because it provides the patient with a lot of freedom
which may allow them to attend to other commitments under the advisement of a qualified health
practitioner. Outpatient care has proven to be very important in the gynecology department of
most health facilities. In this paper, I use the Gibb’s Reflection Cycle to talk about my previous
experience in the gynecology department.
In a previous placement, I was very lucky to work under the guidance and supervision of a very
good gynecologist who I regarded as a mentor. During this period, I was tasked with offering
care and medical advice a 32-year-old patient who was having some little trouble conceiving a
child. I was asked to give her a pelvic exam and to check for any abnormalities in her uterus,
fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Under the supervision of my mentor, I used ultrasound to observe
her ovaries and the fallopian tube. I also used an x-ray machine to check her uterus. The patient
was very worried that she may not be able to bear children because she said that she had tried
and failed a few times. The lead doctor; my mentor was not very sympathetic to her and talked to
her rudely on some occasions. He even attempted to blame the patient for her situation and this
was very unlike him because I admired him so he must have just been in a bad mood that day. I
wanted to tell him to address the patient in a caring and respectful manner but I lacked the
courage and I believe that patient had the worst experience ever.
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Nursing 3
I always believe that patients should be treated with empathy, respect, sympathy, and care
because these are the things they deserve. I, however, could not confront the doctor because I
thought he had been in this field for quite a long time and his experience was unmatched. I
additionally did not want to confront him in front of the patient because this would give the
impression that I was undermining his leadership. However, later in the day, I felt that I had to
talk to the doctor. I asked him why he had been very rude to the patient and expressed my
feelings that it was wrong. I told him that he was wrong to allude that it was the patient’s fault
that she was struggling with conception. My doctor was very surprised because no student nurse
had ever gathered the courage to call him out. He told me that he had some issues from home
stressing him. He, however, accepted that he was wrong and told me that a good doctor puts
themselves in the patient’s situation to truly understand what they are going through.
I believe I did not handle the situation the way I should have because I was scared of questioning
someone I regarded as a mentor. The patient had a very bad experience and I believe she was not
satisfied with the care provided to her. Patient satisfaction is important in care because it is proof
that the care delivered is optimal.1 I was however impressed with the response of my mentor
when I told him he was wrong in blaming and shaming the patient for her condition. He was
courageous to accept his mistake. I learned a lot from this experience and it taught me the
importance of putting myself in the situation of the patient. This approach to care can be
described as patient-centered care. I also learned that sometimes even doctors are overwhelmed
with stressful situations and they need a break to clear their minds. This ensures that they are in
the right state of mind and emotional well-being to offer the best care to their patients.
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