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Pharmacology 2Description The aim of this particular essay is to outline my encounters during the time of my lastnursing attachment at Baret polytechnic. I was given the duty to be in charge of one of thecubicles which majority of the patients suffered from cancer. Particularly, I was in charge of Mr.Pinte who was suffering from colorectal cancer. He was aged 59 and a resident of India. Pintehad suffered for six years and it had reached a point where he had seen himself as a burden to thefamily. This was due to the fact that most of the family resources had been used in hismedication (Epp, 2008). The situation further made him feel shame to his family hence he didnot see the importance of life anymore.My mentor during attachment was nurse Gem and the senior doctor used to attend thepatient. I was mandated at ensuring the Mr. Pinte is cared and this involves ensuring that he getsthe drugs and also monitoring the way he reacted to the very drugs. Mr. Pinted grumbled a lotabout chemotherapy he was receiving. Also, he was uncomfortable with the drugs he was using.There was a time when we were with the doctor checking his medical record chat. The doctorwas called for an emergency and I was left alone. I later realized that the doctor had changed himdrugs to monoclonal antibodies counter the inflammatory responses which he had started tocomplain of. This is due to the fact that the disease is linked with painful joints (Young andSingh, 2016). The doctor came back and with him at hand was a packet of the discontinueddrugs. He gave Mr. Pinte to swallow and as a nurse with little experience, I realized that thedoctor had done a mistake but unfortunately I did not have enough courage to tell him (Silvia etal., 2013). Later after the patient had received the very medication, he complained that he didnot get any pain relief.

Pharmacology 3Reflection of the feelings I had lots of sympathy on Mr. Pinte when I realized that he had other types ofcomplications besides cancer such as diarrhea, back pain, inflamed muscles, swollen joints andfrequent visits. I was very disturbed when the patient told me that he had been a great burden tohis family and the only thing he wished was the death so that the family cannot continue wastingresources at the expense of medical bills (Dubé and Ducharme, 2015). It is very significant to monitor the ailing patients particularly the old age who areassociated with loneliness. This will assist them to reduce stress. However, this kind of patientsshould preoccupy themselves with light duties so that they can avoid evil thoughts in their minds.The situation will make them stay active while associating with other people. I felt somehowguilty to correct the doctor when he gave Mr. Pinte wrong drugs. This came due to the fear that Ihad little experience to correct him. Later when I gave out information to my mentor that wrongmedication was given to the patient, a meeting was convened and the mentor asks why suchmistake was done. However, the doctor defended himself by saying that it happened mistakenlyand Pinte was supposed to be given atlizumab which is a monoclonal drug that reducesinflammation responses (Wootla et al., 2014). I enjoyed attachment period. It was a great learning moment in my studies. Theencounters with Mr. Pinte was fabulous as I assisted him to overcome his fears to commitsuicide. When he was being discharged from hospital he was very grateful for the services Ioffered him. I ended up learning a lot of skills which I did not have for instance counseling. I hadto listen to the issues of the patient, analyze and come up with problems and providing the basic

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