TAEASS402 - Assess competence

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4. Match the training package components below to their correct
application in developing assessment tools.
a.Assessment guidelines
b.Qualifications framework
c.Competency standards
How Training Package Components are applied in the Development of Assessment Tools
y standardsIt sets the outcome and level of performance required in the
It provides guidance to which units meet the requirements of each
qualification according to the set qualification level.
Assessment guidelinesIt provides guidance on how assessment tasks can be developed and
contextualised to meet the assessment requirements.
5. From the options below, choose three (3) statements that describe the relationship between the assessment
context and the assessment tools.
The assessment context and conditions can help clarify the target group and purpose of the
assessment tool being developed.
Using familiar contexts and conditions in the assessment will give the candidate an unfair
advantage when completing the assessment.
The assessment context helps determine if an assessment tool is suitable for a learner/group
of learners.
A candidate given an assessment tool that replicates their workplace context will perform
better than if they were given an assessment tool with unfamiliar context.
Part 2 – Assessment Tools
1.Match the following assessment methods to their correct
c.Direct observation
d.Third-party evidence
ci.Candidate is assessed by the assessor real time in the workplace or in
a simulated environment. The purpose of this method is gather first-
hand evaluative information from the candidate.
aii.Candidate collects work samples and validated pieces of evidence that
demonstrates performance and completion of specific tasks. The
purpose of this method is allow the candidate to document their
competency and to provide physical evidence (e.g. workplace
documents completed) for assessment.
biii.Generally most applicable to assessment of knowledge evidence. The
purpose of this method is to test the underpinning knowledge of the
div.Observation by supervisors, trainers, team members, etc. are
documented and used by the assessor to assess the candidate’s
competence. The purpose of this method is to provide supplementary
evidence or documentation of the candidate’s competency where
direct observation from an assessor is not possible.
2.Below are different examples of assessment scenarios. Determine the
best assessment method from the following list to use in each scenario.
c.Direct observation
Direct observationi.Candidate is required to physically demonstrate their competency in
preparing drinks using appropriate methods as part of their
assessment in SITHFAB004 - Prepare and serve non-alcoholic
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