Assignment on Concept of a Sampling Distribution

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Part 1: Explain the concept of a sampling distribution and what sampling distributioncharacteristics are desired in an estimator.Answer:Sampling Distribution is concerned with the probability distribution. The samplingdistribution is theoretical in nature. It is obtained with the help of substantial size of thepopulation. The samples are collected on random basis (Wilks, 1938). The sampling distributionsare achieved with the help of certain set of data that are further processed using various statisticaltools such as mean and mode (Hirose et al, 2015).Three balls have been considered with Number 1, 2, and 3 written on them. Selection of twoballs has been done at random and below table developed showing entire possible outcomes:The frequencies of the mean are as:
The figure below has been developed based on the table above showing the distribution. Thisfigure shows the sampling distribution of the mean:It is expected that the estimator is not biased, that is the estimator should not undermine theparameter and should not also over-estimate the same. The sampling variability should be underconsideration.
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