Uncovering Enron Scandal through Eric Saibi's Emails


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PART 1In the given scenario the investigation being carried out is for Enron scandal. Th attorney Ms Jackson has asked me to investigate the matter by asking me to investigate through Eric Saibi’s emails, which might have some useful information related to the scandal. The resource that I used for this investigation is “eric_saibi_000_1_1.pst” file. According to the information told to me Eric was a trader for enron so this helped me find some keywords to lead me to the clues. The software I used for this investigation is Aid4Mail eDiscovery Software, the very first configuration was set to the eDiscovery option. I used this software to convert the emails to CSV format, so that I can easily open it in Excel and thoroughly read the emails to find important conclusions.While I was reading those emails, I was focused on searching the information thatmay be related to Enron scandal or personal information. Many of those emails were of shopping from ebay, and I even found one mail where he was registered as a permanent customer for ebay services. This shows that he was a shopaholic type of person and spent most of his time shopping. This may probably an indication that he may also used to spend some or most part of his working hours shopping.
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Further more my investigation found out that he was involved in some romantic relationship also. As there is one draft that he did not sent that contains message that indicates that probably his relationship with his partner was not working welland he wanted to share his feeling to his partner but did not sent the mail. Finally I found out some lead for the investigation, This was one mail where he was offered one job. The emails shows that he rejected that job offer straight away. But then I found another email in which that company was asking information about what food he would like to eat when he goes there. This means
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