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Website on Computer and Laptop Accessories

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Added on  2019-09-30

Website on Computer and Laptop Accessories

   Added on 2019-09-30

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Part 1My website is of about computer and laptop accessories that are so common in the market. Thereis total of five pages in my website first there is home page in which I put header on the the topin which there is company name and navigation bar to navigate through the pages. Below theheader there is welcome note in a section. And at the end I put a image slider to make mywebsite interactive to watch. Then there is product page where I shows all the product that wehave, each product describe in a separate section and each section consist of product name, itsimage and a brief description of that product. Then there is portfolio page is there in which inwhich there is image and some description of the portfolio, than there is about us page, thedesign of the about page is same as the portfolio page only the image and and content isdifferent. Then there is contact us page in which there is form available to contact us, user canfill the form by giving some of its personal details and feedback of the user will recorded in ourdatabase.To critically evaluate my website I have to acknowledge some of the points that are given belowfrist of all the website should be user friendly and user should get good experience whileexploring the site and also user should be easily navigate between the pages. As this website isuser friendly that is whenever a user come he or she can find it very convenient to explore thesite, and the navigation between the pages is also very easy and done very conveniently becausethere is header in every page and navigation bar is present their. Another point is that whenever anew user comes to the site he or she should get the feel that what is site is all about withoutreading any text, in this site you will feel the same because there is image slider is present on thehome page in which their is images of computer related images. Another point to criticallyevaluate my website is the design of the web pages because in market of the competition there is
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