Before writing any code of html or css I had first design its

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Before writing any code of html or css I had first design its storyboard that is how mysite will look like. In storyboard I just implement the basic design of the site. In mywebsite there is five active pages that are home page, books page, contact page,delivery page and 19 Century book page. I had first design the home page and in thatpage first of all I had design the header in which I had put the logo of the emblem andthe logo text. In header there are links to navigate between the all the active pages. It isalso a strength of my website in terms of accessibility that everyone can navigatebetween the pages and they can navigate from one page to every page of the websitedirectly without going to a different page. Another strength of my website is that is user-friendly that is when a new user comes to my website it can easily understand that thiswebsite is related to the old heritage books, in that way user gets a good experienceand he will attract to the website and in that way productivity of the website willincrease. On other hand there is also weakness in the design as we know that incompetition is very high in the market so as per the market standards design of thewebsite has to more enhance because we have to put some effects on the webpages tomake it more attractive in that user gets a very good experience and the more andmore user will come. In my website I had only use tags of html5 and css3 in that a wayto make it cross-browser compatibility. By using the latest version if html and css it willensure that we can use our website in every browser that are commly used worldwide.In this I also use the media query in css. To make it work on small device also likemobiles and tablets. This is is feature of css3 to write media query. By writing the mediaquery we can adjust the content of our website according to the size of the device inwhich user is accessing our website, there are generally four types of screen sizes are

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