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Running head: PART 3 OF ASSIGNMENTPART 3 OF ASSIGNMENT[Document subtitle]
1PART 3 OF ASSIGNMENTPart 3 of AssignmentAccording to Organization for Internal Civil Aviation, managing the errors with humans withinairline industry needs great attention. The aviation company of Australia, Qantas has maintainedthe environment of safest operations but they still lack serious incidents of safety which canhinder the performance of Qantas and improve strategies. Qantas is re-approaching its decisionof assessing the human factors in the organizations by identifying the main competencies ofoperating experts, developing a broad understanding of issues related to performance of human,integrating the principles of human factor into existing safety systems and existing business, andlastly by enhancing the operational and business results through initiatives of human factors(Callanan et al., 2006). When some strategic decisions are taken on behalf of the organization,like it was taken by Alan Joyce to improve and restructure the efficiency of operations of Qantas,some kind of criticism is expected from various shareholders, customers and employee unions.Therefore, it is very important to develop and assess the expected behaviors of employees andalso necessary training for human related factors needs to be provided to support the behavior.Every department needs to understand the required changes in the organization because of thedynamic environment’s impact and therefore they must respond according to the requirementand cooperate with other departments of organization. The decisions taken by Alan Joyceinvolved cuts to loss making units which might led to many employees being laid off from theorganization. Thus a proper HR planning system needs to be incorporated in the organization toensure recruiting right person at the right place. Reviewing methods for issues related toworkplace were directed to deal with customer relationship matters such as handling of baggage,meals in-flight, and seat provision in Qantas Airlines. It was a deliberate approach for developingemployee contribution to solve problem and skilling managers simultaneously so that they’ve got

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