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1PATHOPHYSIOLOGYSummary of an interesting pathology case experienced by a pathologist:Theexperience of pathologist in their field of practice has revealed thatincrease in demand for pathology services and the need to improve turnaround time in clinical management poses many challenges in pathology practices. The ordeal for pathologist also increases with the increase in number of biopsies and the need to comply with guidelines for cancer case reporting (Kamel, 2011). Similar challenges was also faced a pathologist when hehad to conduct the biopsy of the mass of the tongue of a 53 year old man. The old man came to the clinician with a white patch and mass in the base of his tongue which showed up since the past six months. Suspecting the diagnosis of cancer, the clinician ordered a biopsy test forthe patients. The pathologist conducted the biopsy test for the mass. He experienced dilemma in reporting and conveying correct information of result as different groups of clinicians wereinvolved in handling the case. Poor communication between pathologist, oncologist and surgeons resulted in misinterpretation of results and initiation of appropriate treatment for patients.The pathology report of the biomass of the tongue has revealed that normal histology of the squamous mucosa was replaced with proliferation of the cell. The usual maturation process was replaced with haphazard pattern and large vesicular nuclei. The main conclusion that the pathologist made from the examination of the tongue biomass was diagnosis of differentiated squamous carcinoma of the tongue. However, the diagnosis was not right because the patient suffered from leukoplakia and tissue biopsy normally shows keratin build up, however it is not always an indication of abnormal or cancerous cells. The risk of cancer is high in such patients, but the tongues tissue had not become malignant (Van der Waal, 2015). The critical information of result was mistinterpreted and lack of detail in reporting resulted in great disaster for patient. The pathology report should mainly have three key areasincluding patient identification, reporting style and content and interpretation. The mistake

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