People Management Report: HR Policies and Corporate Strategies of HSBC and British Airways

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This report discusses the HR policies and corporate strategies of HSBC and British Airways in terms of people management. It also highlights the importance of people management skills and their impact on an individual's personal and professional growth.

People Management Report: HR Policies and Corporate Strategies of HSBC and British Airways

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The term Human resource management is the practise of selecting, recruiting and hiring the
employees for the organisation so as to manage the system of the organisation properly and
efficiently. The HR department is basically a strategic approach towards the effective
management system in the organisation which is also responsible for creating, putting those
emphasis and effects on the company or an organisation which can benefit the employers and
the employees in many ways (Aliekperov, 2021). The HR management is considered as
important because it manages the people and employees in a way so that the organisation's
mission and objectives should be achieved. This also helps the managers and the employees to
recruit the new [professional workers and the individuals who has the capability and eligibility to
perform effectively in the organisation with the best of their potential. In this report, many
policies and functions of HR Department will also be highlighted.
Corporate Strategy of HSBC
The name of this bank is derived from the initials of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking
Corporation Limited, the founding member of HSBC. The red and white hexagon symbol was
arrived from the original house flag of the Bank which was based on the cross of St Andrew.
the bank has opted changes in all forms such as revolutions, economic crises, new technologies
and adapted to survive through it. The HSBC is a well known reputed bank having its large
operations spread largely. The corporate strategy is necessary and mandatory which is to be
followed by the companies and the organisations in order to achieve success and a well known
position in the long run (Bhavsar, and Bhugra, 2018). The corporate strategies of the HSBC
bank is based on various components and aspects such as, They focus on their strengths by
which they can make the greatest difference for the customers, also they are putting the full
power of the bank in every pocket of the customer so they can promote more easy and
convenient ways of digital banking which can also be considered as a more secured way of doing
banking. The bank also energises for growth as they inspire a dynamic and inclusive culture to
empower the people by helping them to transform and develop their present skills so as to
promote a better future for them. HSBC is also leading the transition to net zero economy as
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they are transforming themselves and supporting the customers financially so that they can
promote their own transitions (Turulja, and Bajgoric, 2018).
Corporate strategies of British airways
British Airways is a well known global airline which is bringing people, places and different
cultures closer together for about more than 100 years. The British Airways is also Serving the
community and planet at its best. As customer satisfaction is the main focus of the organisation.
They are also looking forward in sharing their best of the exciting sustainability initiatives with
their customers. The corporate strategies are referred as those strategies and tactics which can
help the management functions to flow easily and smoothly. As British airlines has its main
focus on providing the best of its potential to its customers by their excellent services through
which the customers can have a good experience as well. The British airways strategies is based
on performing in a high standard manner and also increasing the customer satisfaction, The
airways focuses on the cost leadership policy as well. The company also stays dynamic
according to the preferences of the customers. The organisation also uses the various financial
and operational performance indicator so as to measure the performance of the workers and the
employees within the organisation. British Airways is also focusing on the strategic vision and
business mission of which also outlines the future programmes of the company based on the
functions in human resource (Chaudhary, 2019). The company is also paying attention towards
delivering the best of its value to its customers so that they can refer it as the best by far airways
they have ever experienced. The British Airways is also encouraging the environment
sustainability through its services as having an environmental concern is much important to
protect it. This also increases the customer's awareness regarding the environment as it is much
needed and by promoting the healthy environment it is also creating a good value and impact on
its customers.
The corporate strategies of HSBC and British Airways have their main focus on increasing the
profit of the organisation but they both have quite different strategies as the HSBC belongs to the
financial sector and British Airways is an aviation sector so they have different approaches
towards the strategies as the British airways focuses on the constantly changing market
conditions, intense competition and opting other business models which can expand the business.
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