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Performance Management Analysis

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Added on  2020-02-24

Performance Management Analysis

   Added on 2020-02-24

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PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT2There are a number of different tools for the purposes of measurement of the performancesuch as the organisational and the employee performance evaluations. There are many thatare considered to be the part of the enterprise systems and then there are some for thestandalone programs. The development of the metrics of the performance usually includes thefollowing:Establishment of some of the critical processes along with the customer requirementsIdentification of the specific and the quantifiable outputs of workEstablishment of the targets against which the results could be scoredThere are many of the attributes that prove to be useful when it comes to the assessment ofthe employee and the quality of the management. Among others, there is cost effectiveness. Itis defined as the outcome which is divided by the input and then signifies the efficiency ofthe performance of the organisation (PM solutions, 2017).Improvement in the effectiveness of the employees. It is termed as being the continuousprocess wherein the managers and the employees come together and join hands and monitorand review the objectives for which they are working. The work objectives are reviewed andthe overall contribution to the organisation is also reviewed (HR council, 2017).The measurement of the business performance is of an utmost importance and has a varietyof uses such as monitoring and controlling of the costs, driving improvement, maximise inthe effectiveness of the improvement efforts, achievement of the alignment with the goals andthe objectives of the organisation and rewarding and disciplining the management.One of the scholars views the measurement of the business as being the tool used forbalancing the 5 major tensions that exists within the company. The tensions include thebalancing, of the profit, growth and control, balancing of the results that are short term innature set as against the long term capabilities along with the various growth opportunities,balancing the opportunities and the attention, balancing the different motives of the humanbehaviour and balancing the different expectations of the different constituencies.The different ways through which the performance could be measurement through the way ofcost effectiveness include the balanced scorecard, activity based costing, economic value added method, quality management, the analysis of the customer values, action profit linkage model. The reference models include the supply chain management and the development of
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