Personal Narrative Essay.

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Personal Narrative Essay
Personal Narrative Essay Personal Narrative Essay Our life is like a roller-coaster that has ups and downs. There is possibly no one in the worldwho can say that his life is simple and straight. Elders said it right that it is the life whichteaches a lot than books. It is also truly said that our life experiences give the best lessonsthat help us in future. In this personal narrative report, I am going to narrate an incident that turned me to live forothers than for self only. It was the time of March, 2014. I was giving my final year graduation exam. I was nervousbut I was determined as well to score good marks so that I would get into a good MBACollege. My aim was quite clear. I was aiming to be a financial analyst in an MNC so that Icould earn good amount of money and reputation and would live my rest of life in a royalway. For making an entry into the position, it is required to be an alumni of some of thereputed institution and for that graduation marks are important. I was fortunate that my allexams went well and I scored enough percentage of marks to get into any reputedinstitutions. I was happy and excited about my future thus, I decided to go for a foreign tripwith some of my friends for relaxation. We decided to go to South Africa for adventure. I was full excited about the adventure travel as it was my first overseas trip and that to anadventure one where I could find wildlife closely. We all went to Karoo National Park inWestern Cape. (Poulsen, 2017)We were students thus hired a local guide to visit thatplace. It was the 15th April, 2014 we visited the park. I was excited to see the rare speciesanimals and birds which I only found in books or in internet. We went there in morningaround 7.30am so that we could see the greenery and birds before the scorching sun arriveson top of our head. During the 6 hours of visit, I saw cape buffalos, cape zebras, rhinoceros, foxes, jackals,elephant, and snake. I was thoroughly delighted in the trip and was ready to leave the place.Prior to leaving the place, I went alone outside the park to a nearby village where I foundtribal African people who were busy in stitching bamboos, melting irons, and some are

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