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Personal Statement Assignment 2022

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Added on  2022-10-11

Personal Statement Assignment 2022

   Added on 2022-10-11

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With the help of this personal statement, I would like to express my personal interest
in studying organizational psychology. I want to study organizational psychology because it
is related to my dream as well as ambitions related to contribute to making our world a better
place. Based on ( Maisel , 2013), I want to focus on people, while never letting anyone feel
excluded from society. Here, I am writing this personal statement to convey how studying
organizational psychology fits in with my current as well as future career and interests.
Besides, I hope to get into the programme of organizational psychology so that I can work for
During the past, I have worked into several jobs in the field of academic and non-
academic. Thus, I am quite aware of the frustration of squandered effort, the perceived
inequities in rewards systems which affect the organizational growth largely. I have felt the
lack of job satisfaction which is also my motivation for studying organizational psychology
so that I can help other people. However, I have achieved the triumph of excellent
performance, intrinsic job satisfaction, and the peach of mind which accompanies work well-
designed yet there were so many things which could be improved for my overall growth. In
this context, based on (De dreu & Gelfand, 2009), my personal goal of studying
Organizational Psychology (OP) is to minimize the margin existing amid how
people could feel about their work, and how people do feel about their work; while
assimilating their company as well as the individual’s needs.
Furthermore, my diverse work experience made me realize that I should help
organizational people to show their strengths while working in diversity. Based on (Nelson
& Quick, 2013), I believe that time and experience are invaluable and thereby they evolved
my motive for studying psychology within an organizational context. Based on (Gelfand,
Leslie, Keller, & de Dreu, 2012), my opinions and beliefs compelled me to appreciate the
need for goal orientation, as well as enabled me to experience the triumphs and frustrations of
this professional world.
Apart from this, since my school time, I have been fascinated by organizational
psychology comprising human history and human psychology. I consider that human
psychology is all about human behaviour and hence by learning about human behaviour I can
help people to conquer their professional world. Moreover, I want to study organizational
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