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personal statement civil engineering

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Added on  2023-01-07

personal statement civil engineering

   Added on 2023-01-07

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Personal statement of a civil engineering student
There is continuous growth and evolvement in the demands of attractive infrastructure
and new buildings. Civil engineers are able to manage designing and constructing efficient
structures. These are also helpful in planning successful projects in different developing
countries. I am very fond of studying about innovative infrastructure and designing so, I think
civil engineering is my area of interest. Civil engineering is involved in construction,
infrastructure, designing , etc. I am very passionate about knowing what are the different ways to
construct and design a good building. If I will enhance my knowledge in maths and physics, I
will become a good designer. Also, I have interest in trigonometry. It will comfort me to achieve
success in becoming a successful civil engineer. This will help me to develop civil engineering
skills and abilities that will help in doing great work in future. I have chosen civil engineering as
my career as it is challenging. Also, I have good problem solving skills and designing skills so, I
will manage to overcome all hurdles and meet my personal goal. At the time of school, I
realised that I have great interest in maths and physics so it will be good for me to take civil
engineering for graduation.
There are various experience in my life that motivated me to build my career in civil
engineering. My father is also a civil engineer and I helped him in building small rooms outside
our house, garage, etc. These experiences helped me to know that I am very passionate for
designing and constructing. I have heard a lot about XYZ university and it is famous for
providing best knowledge in civil engineering field. Hence, I want to get admission in this. This
is my ambition to become a successful engineer and this university will be helping me to make
this dream come true. I know that I will be able to manage different challenge and use my skills
to become a successful civil engineer.
By studying civil engineering at your university, I hope to enhance my knowledge of physics and
maths and how to apply them in real life situations. I have enjoyed my school time very much
and now I will get some time to invest upon civil engineering study. This university is providing
me both challenging and diverse career in which I can develop my career.
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