Persuasive Speech Assignment.

Added on - 18 Oct 2019

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Persuasive Speech Assignment7 -9 minutes (thirty-second grace period either way)General Purpose:To persuade.Specific Purpose:To persuade audience members tochange the thinking or behavior, to adopt your point of view on aquestionTopics:Your topic is your choice and this speechshould be on any topic that you are comfortable with includingtopics that may be controversial or touchy subjects.Option #1:Speech about anFact(to prove or disprove)Option #2:Speech about aValue(measuring worth,rightness or morality)Option #3:Speech about aPolicy(a specific course ofaction)Requirements:Each type of speech has its own requirements, but in general,Once you convince your audience that there is a significantproblem, and describe the details of the workable solution, youwill address the inherent benefits to society if your policy isstarted, changed, or stopped.The call to action is an essential component in thepersuasive speech.
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