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Peter MacDonaldEAC150Summer 2016RESEARCH ESSAYValue: 20 marksDue dates:Outline and annotated bibliography: Tuesday, July 26 (5 marks)Final essay: Tuesday, August 9 (15 marks)In this assignment, you will write a 1,200-word essay based on a topic of your choice. The assignment will demonstrate that you canChoose an appropriate topicFind appropriate sources of informationRead, understand and evaluate these sourcesFormulate a thesis based on the information you have found and your evaluation of this informationWrite a report that clearly and strongly supports your thesis with logical, well-considered argumentsInclude quotes from your sources and cite these sources using proper MLA formatWrite logically, using correct grammar and spellingThe processYour first step will be to choose a topic for your report. The trick is to choose a topic that interests you and that is narrow enough that you can cover it adequately in 1,200 words. For example, a history of Canadian prime ministers would be too broad; an evaluation of one prime minister would be better. I have listed a few possible topics at the end of this summary.Find at least three articles that take differing views on the topic. For example, if you werewriting about John Diefenbaker (Canadian prime minister in the late 1950s and early 1960s), one article could be a biography of Diefenbaker; another could cover a major political or social issue with which he was involved; and the third could be a comparison of Diefenbaker with other prime ministers or with other political leaders of his day. Don’tchoose three articles that take the same point of view, or you will not have enough material for your paper. An “article” can be a book, an encyclopedia, a newspaper story, a magazine story or a website (but only one of your articles can be a website); all of your sources must meet the criteria of reliability that we have outlined in class Do not use any of the assigned readings from our class. Do not use Wikipedia.Read each article, making note of the main thesis as well as the facts, opinions and arguments used to support the thesis. Write a critical bibliography: a two-paragraph summary of each article, citing the source (in proper MLA format) and outlining, for eacharticle, the thesis and the main arguments in your own words.Use what you have learned from your reading, as well as anything you may have already known or thought about the topic, to form a preliminary thesis statement.Page 1 of 2
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