Physical Development and Health

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Experience/Activity Curriculum Design TemplateStep 1What knowledge, skills and behaviours do you want your children to be able todemonstrate at the end of this experience/activity?KnowledgeSkillsBehavioursNumber,shapes andcoloursGrasping, holdingCommunication witheducatorsThe StandardsWhat levels, which domains, which dimensions will be addressed by thisexperience/activity?This activity will improve learning and development activities such as numericalabilities, motor skills and memory of children. Physical development and health andgeneral competencies will be addressed by this activity.What elements of this experience/activity are critical for the children to understand?Play and learn activities must include physical space of play, safe environment, activeengagement, and intrinsic motivationPage1of7
Experience/Activity Curriculum Design TemplateWhat are the relevant curriculum objectives for this experience/activity?To improve physical development of childrenTo develop creativity through playTo develop language development through playTo improve social developmentTo improve cognitive developmentStep 2Determine what counts as acceptable evidence of the knowledge, skills and behaviours,listed in Step 1, you want children to learn. Explicitly list them below: (You can share thesewith your children to give them a clear picture of what they will be learning)What will count as evidence of learning?Improved communication and socialize with peers and educators, improved physical activitiessuch as holding pencils and other objectsPage2of7
Experience/Activity Curriculum Design TemplateList knowledge, skills and behaviours students will demonstrate if they display anunderstanding of this activity/experience.Evaluation of their activities that has been targeted and the present activities they have beenperforming will enable the educators identifying the gap. Their improved skills, knowledgeand behaviours will be marked in assessment sheetWhat assessment tasks will allow the students to show their knowledge, skills, behavioursand understandings of this experience/activity?Their classroom performance and activityStep 3: Consider where the learner is at in relation to the desired capabilities and evidenceyou identified earlier in Step 1:What evidence do I currently have of the children’s knowledge, skills and understandingsabout this experience/activity?List the actual evidence and what it shows, include anecdotal observations.The children have been showing improvement in their communication and they also aremore socializing with other learners as well as will the staffs. Previously some of the childrenwere not willing to mix with the educators. Children further understands the instructions anddifferent play methods that they are engaged in for their learning and development. Childrenhave developed their cognitive skills by identifying objects, colours and the procedure of playand learn.Page3of7
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