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Physician and PatientBusiness rules are as follows.A diagnosis is given to one or more patients.A patient is given one or more diagnoses.An attending physician sees at least 20 patients.Each diagnosis is given a diagnosis code.A patient can make many appointments with one or more Physicianin the clinic.Doctor can prescribe many diagnosis to many patients.EntitiesPhysicianPatient
DiagnosisEntities RelationPhysician to PatientPatient to PhysicianDiagnosis to PatientPatient to DiagnosisDiagnosis to PhysicianPhysician to DiagnosisOptionality and Plurality constraintsPhysician to PatientOne physician can see many patient.Patient to PhysicianOne patient can see many optional physician.Diagnosis to PatientMany diagnosis to one patient.Patient to DiagnosisOne patient can prescribed to many diagnosis.Diagnosis to PhysicianOne physician can check many diagnosisreport.Physician to DiagnosisPhysician can prescribed many diagnosis to Patient.
Entity Relation Diagram
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