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Political Ideology Of American Conservatives | Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-18

Political Ideology Of American Conservatives | Assignment

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Running head: POLITICAL IDEOLOGY OF AMERICAN CONSERVATIVESPolitical ideology Of American ConservativesName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor note
Political Ideology Of American Conservatives | Assignment_1
1POLITICAL IDEOLOGY OF AMERICAN CONSERVATIVESPolitical ideology is an integral part of social studies that documents ethical ideals andprinciples of an institution or social movement. It throws a vast amount of light regarding theworking of society and provides cultural blueprint in relation to a social order. The function of apolitical ideology is to distribute power and it explains how power can be utilized in the properdirection (Feldman and Johnston 2014). The moral entrepreneurs are responsible for framing thepolitical ideologies. Goals and methods are the two dimensions that are kept in mind whileframing the political ideologies. This essay will elaborate on the ideological doctrine of theAmerican Conservative party. Their ideals, goals and distinct principles will be discussed atlength in this assignment and the implications of their ideology in the social structure of a nation.This will further elucidate on the differing principles and conflict of opinion among the samepolitical party. Their differing perspectives and reason for their opinions will be talked about inthis assignment. The political ideology determines whether the government will be branded as andemocracy or an autocracy. A democracy is a form of government that is meant for the peoplewhereas an autocracy is a form of rule dominated by a single individual who is responsible forframing all the rules and policies. The political ideology also points forward to the kind ofeconomic system of a nation that can be capitalistic or socialism. Capitalism is concerned withowning private property and socialism is a political ideology that has the state taking care of theindustries. The concept of political ideology is extremely complex and the scope of the conceptis very elusive within the ambit of social science (Gromet, Kunreuther and Larrick 2013). Theirposition in the political sphere determines whether they would be called left wing, right wing orcentre. These divisions are very controversial and provide ample scope for debate. The politics ofleft wing is an avid supporter of social equality. It takes into consideration the disadvantaged
Political Ideology Of American Conservatives | Assignment_2
2POLITICAL IDEOLOGY OF AMERICAN CONSERVATIVESclass and the proponents of this political ideology strongly believe that the differences betweendifferent social classes should be narrowed down to a point when they will no longer exist.Centrism supports social equality and it opposes any kind of political change that will cause theshift either towards left or towards the right wing. Right wing lays emphasis on natural law and itrefers to the particular form of government that views inequality as a natural result of existingsocial difference.Conservatism in the United States refers to a particular system of government that has ahigh respect for the traditions and moral absolutism is advocated in this form of government. Itprotects Western culture from the threat that is posed by socialism and multiculturalism. It doesnot support the interference of labour unions. It opposes the principles and doctrine of Americanliberals who lay greater emphasis on equality (Swers 2017). The American liberals lay moreimportance on the principles of social justice. Obamacare is a federal statute that was enacted byU.S. Congress and it was made a law by Barrack Obama in the year 2010. It was a veryimportant regulatory overhaul and it was a landmark statute that completely changed the face ofthe health care system of the U.S. (Borochin and Golec 2016). It brought in great changes in themarkets of individual insurance. The Obamacare has opened up new debates and there areconflicting opinions among the Conservatives in relation to the landmark Obamacare bill.According to a recent article that came out in the Washington Times, Donald Trump considers itunfair on the part of the Congress to provide extra help in order to spend such a large amount ofmoney on insurance premium (Ahmadian, Azarshahi and Paulhus 2017). In his opinion, theaverage Americans are grappling with a crisis and in this kind of circumstances, providing suchkind of subsidy will prove to be disastrous for the public exchequer and will completely ruin theeconomic condition of the country. In his opinion, the Congress should pay that amount and
Political Ideology Of American Conservatives | Assignment_3

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