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Running head: POLITICAL SCIENCEPolitical ScienceName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1POLITICAL SCIENCEChosen policy by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and TradeThis section will focus on one of the foreign policies taken up by the AustralianDepartment of foreign Affairs and Trade. The policy that has been chosen here is the export ofUranium from Australia to India. This is one of the most important and interesting aspects in theforeign policies in the trades for Australia. Another important thing in this context is the fact thatthese foreign policies will have to be made at the best interest of Australia only. Previously, theexport of uranium from Australia to India had been banned. The impact of this ban on uraniumexport has been greatly felt form the perspectives of both the countries. This policy of exportinguranium to India should be made regular after the imposed ban is lifted after three years.Rationale behind this policyIt is highly expected that this policy could make the relationship between India andAustralia stronger. The import and export relationships between these two countries can also bestrengthened. Australia is the country that is committed to the nuclear non-proliferation regime.India had been banned from the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG) IN 2008. They could notimport uranium from other countries. The Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) had been signedbetween the non-signatories. It has to be kept in mind that countries like USA, UK and Canadahave signed the treaties with India to export the uranium. These treaties have been signed forsecuring the civilians only. NPT is very much required for Australia as well. The superpower inSouth Asia is China who is trying to be the monopoly in the nuclear warfare in South Asia. Inthis way it would really be difficult for China to sustain its monopoly in South Asia. This couldbring the notice of all the international powers like USA, Russia and others. This could be a hugepart of their ‘strategic partnership’ and get a better place in front of the entire world. Australia
2POLITICAL SCIENCEholds almost 40% of the total uranium in the world. This is why Australia has a huge place in theexporting if uranium all over the world.Key players and their reactionsThe uranium export to India has been one of the biggest things in the last few years. Thekey players are the countries who are involved as the nuclear weapon suppliers. The rule of NSGis the fact that nuclear energy and uranium can only be supplied to the countries that are a part ofthe NPT. China is one of the key players because they like to be sole superpowers in South Asia.It is the responsibility of Australia to make sure that all the guidelines of Nuclear SuppliersGroup are well maintained. China has been continuously showing its support for Pakistan that isthe biggest enemies of India. This means China is dead against this policy taken up by Australia.Change in policy and rationaleIt can be recommended Australia should rethink about their decision to lift their ban overthe uranium supply to India. It is because many complications can arise when the deal would befinalized and implemented. The most powerful countries are burning over this problem of thenuclear enabled countries. Australia should bring up this topic in front of both United Nationsand Nuclear Suppliers’ Group. The foreign trade minister must see to these newrecommendations for the change. This will be beneficial for the entire world as well.Like minded statesAll the member countries of the United Nations Security Council are in favor of thisopinion. The only two countries that are against this deal are China and Canada. The othercountries want this deal to be done and this bilateral agreement should be finalized for bringing
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