PPMP20009 Project Management

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(Insert Student Name) / (Insert Student Number) - PPMP20009 Course Portfolio for Week (7)Weekly Portfolio Learning TableTopic andreading samples.Your personal learning outcomesfrom this course.Learnings from your experience.Supporting documentationincluding your prior learnings.Why ProjectManagement?From this course, I have learned to select andmanage a project management methodologyfor an individual or organizational project.Team building skills for a project as per therequirement of a project and successfullycomplete the undertaken projectSchwalbe, K. (2015).Information technologyproject management. Cengage Learning.Turner, R. (2016).Gower handbook of projectmanagement. Routledge.Kerzner Chapter 1I understood the difference between theproject driven and non-project drivenorganizations, defining the project successdepending on certain parameters. In additionto that, the classification of the project, andlocation of the project manager in anorganization or project.Learning and understanding differentconcepts of project managementthroughout the project or professional life.Sharing and helping the project teammembers to improve the team efficiencyand success rate of the project.With the use of the Prince2, I will be able tomanage the goals and objectives for aproject.Nicholas, J. M., & Steyn, H. (2017).Projectmanagement for engineering, business andtechnology. Taylor & Francis.Egelstaff (2013)Academicassignments:Critical thinkingand writingcriticallyUse of the mentioned books for projectmanagement and different assignmentshelped me to define the projects scope,communication plans, stakeholder and riskmanagement for the projects.In addition to that, detailed risk managementwith the different steps like, identification,assessment, mitigation and control of the risksthat may occur in the project life.Thinking and writing critically helped me tosystematically improve the way I expressideas for a certain given topic or scenario.The skill of critical thinking helped me toless rely on the teachers and guides forguidance and instruction for any topic. withcritical thinking skills I became more self-directed learner and independent inacademics.Turner, R. (2016).Gower handbook of projectmanagement. Routledge.Kerzner, H. (2013).Project management: asystems approach to planning, scheduling, andcontrolling. John Wiley & Sons.Journals &1of2
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